Woman Admits To Intentionally Getting A Little Sister After Revealing She Poked Holes In Her Parents' Condoms

Don't try this at home...

Keely Rayborn tiktok @mama__kee / TikTok

A woman decided to reveal the truth about how her little sister was conceived.

In a TikTok video, TikTok user Keely Rayborn hilariously broke her silence after 25 years to tell the story of how she and her friend conspired to give Rayborn a younger sister. "I'm sort of responsible for your existence," Rayborn captioned her video, making sure to tag her sister, Sam, so she also learned the truth.

She shared that she poked holes in her parents' condoms when she was younger.

"If you're a little kid please don't even watch the rest of this video," Rayborn warned at the start of her story. "This is so embarrassing. Mom, I'm so sorry. [Actually], I'm not sorry because Sam is here."


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She explained that when she was younger, she and one of her friends decided to go into her parents' bedroom to snoop and have a look around. While in her parents' room, Rayborn's friend managed to find a box of condoms on the nightstand.

"I don't know how she knew there were some shiny packets on the nightstand," Rayborn continued, trying to hold back her laughter. "She said what they were and told me what they were used for."


Somehow, laying next to the box of condoms was a small sewing needle. Rayborn and her friend decided they were going to use the needle and poke holes in the condoms in an attempt to try and give Rayborn a younger sibling.

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"Me and my friend poked a bunch of little holes in the packet," Rayborn admitted. It took several months, but eventually, Rayborn's mom announced she was pregnant, which definitely wasn't a surprise to the person responsible. "Six months later, my mom told me she was pregnant, and I was so happy."

Even though it's been 25 years since Rayborn's actions, she said her mom still wonders how she fell pregnant with her younger sister. "My mom still says, 'I don't know how she happened. We were so careful.'"


People were shocked that Rayorn would openly admit to something like that.

"The way you could not have waterboarded this information out of me," one TikTok user wrote, while another user added, "I would've taken this to my grave."

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A third user chimed in, "The minute you said 'shiny packets on the nightstand,' I immediately went, 'Oh no.'"

However, others revealed that they had actually done the same thing as Rayborn, and ended up with a younger sibling months later.

"Oh my gosh — my brother & I did the exact same thing but to a whole box we found in my dads' drawer. Exactly 9 months later I got my new baby brother," a fourth TikTok user stated.


As fun as younger siblings can be, messing with your parents to this degree may not be such a good idea to try and get one. In Rayborn's case, though, it seems everything worked out for the better, at least until her mom watches her video.

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