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Woman Wonders If She's Wrong For Getting Business Shut Down After They Tried To Steal Her Dog

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An eight-and-a-half-month pregnant woman decided that, as her pregnant belly was causing mobility problems, she would go to the groomers to take care of her dogs instead of doing it herself.

After her husband dropped off their Great Dane, who loves people but is afraid of other dogs, and their Corgi, who has severe separation anxiety, everything seemed to be going smoothly.

When her husband came to pick the dogs back up, the groomer tried to steal their Great Dane.

“When he went to pick the dogs up she gave him our Corgi but said she was ‘seizing’ the Dane as he had been aggressive to one of her dogs (I was assured he wouldn’t be subjected to strange dogs at all) and as we were expecting a baby she couldn’t give us back a reactive dog,” she wrote in a Reddit post.

First, this is way out of line, and second, this is completely illegal.

A groomer is not allowed to take away your dog for any reason, let alone because one of the owners is pregnant.

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Not only that, but the woman warned the groomer of her dogs’ situations and what their problems were, so she had plenty of warning and understanding to know that the dog wasn’t an active threat to anyone or any dog.

The Great Dane has had no history of ever attacking or being aggressive towards any person or dog, aside from being afraid of them and barking at them.

“There isn’t enough to the char limit to detail what the next 7 hours were like but it escalated to me calling the cops to finally get my dog back,” she explained.

After the very stressful situation ended and she got her dog back, she ended up “blasting” her business on social media and got her business taken down — likely also due to the fact that she did something illegal and the police were involved.

“I really feel like my reaction was justified but some friends have called me a Mega-Karen and my mom said she was probably just genuinely trying to look out for our unborn baby and I went too far but to me it was a HUGE overstep and illegal,” she concluded her post on the subreddit “r/AmItheA--hole.”

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This subreddit is for people who are unsure of the outcomes of their personal experiences — whether it’s about an argument they had with their partner, family drama, or getting businesses taken down.

The internet philosophers will offer up a rating that boils down to “NTA,” which stands for “not the a--hole,” and “YTA,” which stands for “you’re the a--hole.”

Unsurprisingly, people don’t take too kindly to dog thieves and were on the woman’s side.

“NTA. This woman didn’t have the authority to ‘seize’ your dog,” wrote the top comment. “If you have to call the police to right the wrong of a ridiculous business owner, you have every right to leave a negative review wherever you please.”

This person argues that the outcomes of her reaction simply show how messed up the situation really was.

Just because the police or the bad reviews shut the business down doesn’t mean that it’s because of the woman who reported it, it’s because the business practice did something illegal, unprofessional, and way out of line.

A lot of people even argued that this groomer might have been actually trying to dognap her Great Dane, saying that maybe she had a side business of selling dogs on the side.

Whatever the case, the reaction was totally warranted and people defended her actions because nobody should mess with something as precious as someone’s pets.

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