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Woman Explains Why She Refuses To Hang Out With With Anyone Less Attractive Than Her

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A woman has come under fire after revealing the types of people that she doesn't want to be around.

While being interviewed on Jamie Kennedy's podcast "Hate To Break It To Ya," Emily Wilson, a content creator who lives in Los Angeles, was criticized after explaining why she is only friends and surrounds herself with people who she deems as attractive.

She claimed that she doesn't like being around people who are less attractive than she is.

"I don't hang out with anyone really less attractive than me," Wilson began, telling Kennedy that she is only friends with other women she feels look better than her. Wilson explained that she refuses to hang around "less attractive" women because she feels it brings "too much drama."



Before she could continue, Kennedy asked her to elaborate on what she meant by women who are less attractive than her bringing more drama into her life. Wilson replied that all of the women she's been friends with in the past have done unforgivable things to her.

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"All the girls I've ever been friends with that are less attractive than me... It's always a jealousy thing," she continued. "It's an attention thing. They're really shady, I mean, they'll try to sleep with your boyfriend."

She claimed that instead of being with women she deems as "ugly," she prefers to surround herself with women who are on the same level as her in terms of looks.

"You just need to be equals," Wilson insisted. "All my girlfriends are way hotter than me. They're stunning. I love being around beautiful women. I think when you're around beautiful women, you have value just by being beautiful."

Wilson added that she takes great pride in being around "pretty things, pretty people, and pretty places." However, she acknowledged that her opinion would probably ruffle some feathers as not everyone would most likely agree with her and see her point of view.

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Basing relationships in your life on someone being attractive or not simply takes away from a person's other qualities.

To only base friendships and other types of relationships in your life on how much "hotter" you are than others is an extremely shallow way to view people. It perpetuates judgments and objectification while also undermining the importance of other qualities that truly define individuals as human beings.

Attraction alone does not guarantee compatibility or emotional fulfillment. By prioritizing physical appearance above all else, people may overlook opportunities for personal growth, intellectual stimulation, emotional support, and shared values.

Many people in the comments section were shocked at Wilson's blatant disregard for other components of what would qualify someone as being a good friend to her.

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"I absolutely LOVE IT when [people] like her articulate who they truly are... It's so awesome to witness their shallowness in 3D!" one TikTok user sarcastically quipped.

Another user added, "Wait till she finds out attractive is actually in the heart and how you love/treat people, now that's attractive to all not just a pretty face."

"So here’s the problem with that mindset, as we age our beauty fades how will she find value in herself or others that aren’t 'pretty' anymore," a third user pointed out.

It is important to recognize that physical attraction can be a natural and initial component of human interaction. However, when it becomes the sole basis for forming relationships or choosing social circles, it hampers the potential for deeper connections and undermines the value of individuals as multifaceted beings. 

Paying better attention to other qualities such as kindness, empathy, intelligence, and shared values can lead to more fulfilling and meaningful relationships.

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