Man Tells Women To ‘Put Clothes On’ At The Beach Because There Are ‘Young Eyes’ Who Can See Their Swimsuits

The audacity of this man is unreal.

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The beach is supposed to be a relaxing experience. The sunkissed sand warming your skin, the soothing murmuring of the waves, and the sun’s rays soaking into your soul. However, the experience two women withstood on their recent trip to the beach was everything but relaxing.

A woman posted a video on TikTok showing two women in bikinis being approached by a man at the beach. 

"Why do you dress this way?" the video shows the man asking as he stands over them while they sit on towels at the beach. The women tried to get them to leave them alone, but unfortunately, he insisted on continuing their conversation.


He told the women that they needed to “put clothes on” because they were wearing a “thong and a bra” and “young eyes” could see them. The women justified themselves by stating that they are not bothering him so he should go away. He tried to rebut this statement by indicating that they were flaunting their bodies.

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The women demanded the man ignore them, not to look at them, and leave them alone.

He still would not do as they asked. “If men of God don’t stand up, then our society is going to go down the drain,” he claimed, turning the tide of the conversation to a religious battle.


The man claimed that they are wearing bikinis because there is a longing to be seen in both of their hearts and they wonder if they are pretty enough, but showing off their bodies will never satisfy the underlying need. The women clearly not happy, once again insisted that he leave them alone.

Once again, he doesn’t. He continued the conversation by stating that the next time they come to the beach, they should be considerate of the “young eyes” that are seeing their bodies by wearing a one-piece or a more modest bikini. “We are here to come face to face with God,” he pressed on. “Did you know God said, do not judge?” one of the women asked. The man asserted that he is not judging them.

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Another woman walked up to them and interrupted the conversation, declaring that these women’s actions do matter to kids and that they should keep that in mind.

The conversation ended with the woman telling them that it does matter what they wear, but not in the way that the man was saying. She said that they should value themselves and that is what they should care about when choosing clothing.


Users in the comments sided with the women and were flabbergasted by the audacity of the man. One user wrote, “How was he raised where he actually thinks it’s ok to walk up to a stranger and tell her what to do with her body? It blows my mind.” Another user questions why the man goes to the beach and is angry at women wearing bathing suits. A third user sarcastically said “*gasp* a bikini at the beach?!”

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Women have been told how to dress since as early as 200 B.C.

In ancient Rome women’s clothing determined their status and was completely separate from men’s styles. Poor women wore clothing to represent their status and “respectable” women wore a stola, a sleeveless, floor-length dress made out of wool.

Even in modern times, women’s clothing can be determined by law, religion, or their husbands. For example, “Under Sudan's decency law, any man can accuse any woman of dressing indecently.


She could have bare wrists or a bare head, or she could be wearing trousers.” Every year, tens of thousands of women are detained under Article 1-5-2 of Sudan’s criminal code for wearing pants.

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Women have the right to choose what they put on their bodies and be free from judgment.

Their choice of clothing has no impact on "young eyes." Little kids are focused on playing in the water or building sand castles.


The women in this TikTok did nothing wrong by wearing swimsuits to the beach. Society has a long way to go when it comes to judging women’s clothing.

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