Best Friends Reveal How They Both Discovered Their Boyfriends Were Cheating On Them — With Each Other

"At the time we didn't think it was very suspicious, but looking back at it now, we were so dumb to think that."

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After two childhood friends started dating two men they met at a nightclub who also happened to be best friends, they thought they had hit the jackpot. 

However, as the relationships progressed, the two women began to sense that there was something that their boyfriends were keeping from them

As it turns out, their suspicions would be confirmed one night after they decided to surprise their men; however, what they discovered was not at all what they expected. 


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The two best friends found out that their boyfriends were cheating on them — with each other. 

In a now-viral TikTok video, the two besties film themselves getting ready for the day as they explain the wild tale to viewers. 

“Get ready with us while we tell you the story of how our boyfriends were having sex behind our backs,” 18-year-old Elise kicked off the video. 

She revealed that she and her best friend, Leanna, have known each other since “literally the womb” and that they both wound up meeting their now ex-boyfriends at a club last year. The two men also happened to be best friends themselves. 




The four of them began hanging out together regularly. “We always went out on double dates together and we always hung out just the four of us,” Elise said. The girls claim that they were “lovestruck.” 

After about four months of the group hanging out, the men asked Elise and Leanna to officially be their girlfriends. However, after two months of dating, the women shared that “things started going downhill fast.” 

The friends began to notice that there were some “notable” behavioral changes in both of their boyfriends. “They wouldn’t side with us in arguments and they would talk to each other about problems that they had with us,” Leanna said. “So we’d find out about fights through the other person, which is not healthy at all.” 


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Another strange thing the young women began to notice was that every time their boyfriends would hang out with each other, they would ignore their girlfriends’ calls and text messages.

“At the time we didn’t think it was very suspicious, but looking back at it now, we were so dumb to think that,” Elise admitted. 

One week, Elise and Leanna went on a girls’ trip to the beach and decided to come back a day early to surprise their boyfriends. Upon checking their boyfriends’ locations, they discovered that they were hanging out together at Leanna’s boyfriend’s house. 

The girls decided to show up and together for the big surprise. Although when they arrived a little after midnight, there was no answer at the front door, despite their knocking repeatedly. 


After remembering that there was an open window in the back of the house, Leanna and Elise went around and decided to sneak in. “When we were outside of the window, we heard some, let’s just say, questionable noises,” Elise said. “We decided to bust them and we walked in and you can guess what happened.” 

After catching their boyfriends being intimate with one another, the girls revealed that the boys “freaked out” and attempted to explain themselves. Although after discovering that they had been cheating with each other, Elise and Leanna fled the house in their cars. 

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The friends blocked their phone numbers and all social media accounts, but this did not stop their ex-boyfriends from still trying to reach out. 


“They tried contacting us by going through our other friends and showing up to our house but we weren’t having it,” Elise added. “Eventually they just ended up stopping after a while.” 

After a few months of coping with their feelings, Elise and Leanna decided that they were ready to talk about what happened with their exes and unblocked them. However, by then, the boys were already a couple themselves. 

“They are still dating to this day,” Leanna shared. 


People couldn't believe the story the best friends had told. “The way my jaw dropped,” one user commented. “This sounds like the plot of a TV show,” another user wrote. “They better invite you to their wedding!!” another added. 

Though the girls decided to not get revenge on their cheating boyfriends, the best part of their ordeal is the unbreakable bond the two besties share. And, thankfully, the girls were happy to report that the incident is all “water under the bridge,” and we hope that their ex-boyfriends are very happy with each other.

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