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Woman Confronts Man On Plane Who Took Photos 'To See Under Her Dress' While She Slept

Photo: Instagram
Anna Clara Rios, man taking photos on plane

A woman was left emotional after catching a man on her flight who was taking inappropriate photos of her.

Brazillian influencer Anna Carlos Rios shared the frightening experience to her thousands of followers on her Instagram story, where she was "left shaking with rage" at the alarming actions of a fellow passenger aboard her flight.

Rios confronted the man after finding out he had taken photos to see under her dress while she was asleep.

The incident occurred on December 14, while Rios had been flying home to Belo Horizonte from a work assignment in São Paulo, according to the Daily Mail.

The flight had been going well until Rios was awoken by a flight attendant who alerted her that another passenger on the aircraft was taking photos to see underneath her dress while she slept.

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"I am shaking with rage," Rios said in the clip, standing in the middle of the aisle as she retold the incident to her followers.

While speaking of the shocking revelation, Rios could be seen standing within earshot of the man who had been taking the sordid photos.

"This gentleman here was taking photos of me while I was asleep, they had to let me know to move me,” she fumed, making sure to point her camera in the direction of the man as she confronted him.

When Rios was first made aware of someone taking photos of her, she initially thought the person had been a fan since she is widely known on social media.

However, that wasn't the case, which was far more alarming.

"My first reaction [to the flight attendant] was ‘I work on social media, he must have recognized me,'" Rios explained. “But she said to me ‘I don’t think that’s it, while you were sleeping, he was zooming in and trying to see what was under your dress.’”

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She immediately told the man to delete the photos he'd taken of her. 

After learning that the person had been taking photos with nefarious intentions, she didn't think twice about confronting him and asking for the images to be deleted.

“I felt very vulnerable and insecure so I told the flight attendant that I was going to confront him because I wanted him to delete the photos from his mobile phone,” Rios said through tears.

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She also learned that the man had been trying to send the photos of her to his friend on WhatsApp.

Rios reportedly took a screenshot of the man's message, sending it to the authorities, who were able to take the man into custody.

In a clip she recorded, a police officer can be seen speaking to the man on the flight, before he was then escorted off to the cheers of the other passengers.

The man had been transported to the police station, where he gave a statement but was not arrested, Rios later shared.

“I went to him feeling that my privacy had been invaded, I said this was not right, that I could be his mother, sister or daughter."

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