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Woman Catches Her Husband Cheating On TikTok — ‘He Really Has This Cheating Thing Down To A Science’

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If you're like most people, you spend time swiping through TikTok every day, switching between cute animals, other people's drama, and any other topics that your algorithm deems just right for you. But imagine scrolling the social media application and suddenly seeing your husband in another woman's video being addressed as her boyfriend. 

That was one woman's experience when she found out that her husband had been in a committed relationship with another woman for three long years.

It all started when she stumbled across a woman's recipe-sharing TikTok. A person facing away from the camera in the background caught her eye, and upon further inspection, she realized that the mysterious man was her husband! 

That prompted her to go through the woman's posts, and she soon discovered that her spouse had been playing 'daddy' to the woman's three sons. Not only that, but the two are planning on trying for a baby of their own.



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Instead of confronting her husband, she decided to watch him and soon realized he was able to seamlessly live a double life. 

He juggled the women by telling each of them that he was on a work trip when with the other, and up until her shocking discovery, she had no idea that there was a problem in their marriage. He professed his love for her often, they never lacked in the intimacy department, and he always returned home from his "work trips" with gifts in hand, likely out of guilt.

The woman thought that after the tragedy of losing their oldest son, they had grown "closer than ever." As they approach their 22nd wedding anniversary, she confessed that she never would have suspected him of cheating on her.

The situation left her confused and unsure of what to do. She contacted a divorce attorney who initially told her to keep what she had learned under wraps. She was later given permission to confront her husband. 

When confronted about his indiscretions, her husband did what cheaters typically do: deny, deny, deny.

Even with the TikTok posts by his mistress and the evidence gathered by her attorney, he refused to acknowledge his guilt and even went as far as to try to gaslight his wife into believing she was "insane."  It took hours of her refusing to back down for him to finally come clean. 

He begged for her forgiveness, but she declined, telling him that she wanted a divorce. In a moment of extreme deflection, through crocodile tears, he called her "heartless," but she was steadfast and asked him to go to his parents' house. 

After he vacated their home, accompanied by her sister, the woman made a beeline to his mistress' home, intent on confronting the woman. To her surprise, her husband's lover seemed to be expecting her. She even "gloated" about their relationship. The woman revealed that the poster's husband had purchased a home for her and accused the devoted wife of being "lazy" and a "gold digger." She justified the man's cheating by saying his wife needed to be more subservient.

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Her husband told his mistress that he intended to try and save his marriage. 

Showing up during the women's confrontation, he accused his mistress of ruining his marriage, a responsibility that rested squarely on his own shoulders. The disgusted wife, on the other hand, thanked the woman for her transparency before leaving. She was amused by the fact that she had been accused of using her husband for financial gain when she was the primary breadwinner and equal partner in their family business. 

Now she is determined to recoup the mistress's ill-gotten gains and take the woman and her own husband for everything they have. She has no sympathy whatsoever for her husband despite their over-20-year marriage.

Infidelity is one of the biggest reasons that people file for divorce.

Cheating accounts for 20 - 40 percent of divorces, according to the American Psychological Association (APA), but in a survey conducted by the National Institute of Health (NIH), in 88 percent of divorces, one partner cited unfaithfulness as a big contributing factor in the demise of the marriage. 

But adultery is not necessarily a dealbreaker for couples. Young people 30 years old and under and elderly folks who are 70 and over are more likely to stick it out after betrayal. Meanwhile, people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s are more apt to call it quits. But an astonishing 42 percent of those that stay report a subsequent affair, so perhaps jumping ship is the best course of action for this shell-shocked wife. 

The person who was betrayed in the relationship might feel pressure from friends and family or from society to stay in the marriage, but once trust is broken, you have to move mountains in order to restore it. Even if you can start to rebuild the bond between yourself and your spouse, the connection will likely never be the same and the ripple effects from their disloyalty can go on forever. 

No one is obligated to stay with a person who could not uphold the vows they made to them. If you're going to cheat on your spouse, make sure that you understand the ramifications, and that what you are getting from your affair might not be worth everything that you are potentially giving up. 

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