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Woman Catches Boyfriend Looking At 'Hidden Cameras' In Online Store & Wonders What To Do Next

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Dealing with a new relationship can be tricky, especially when you’re still figuring out exactly who your partner is.

After finding out something new about her boyfriend, one woman isn’t quite sure if she knows who she’s dating at this point, or if she can even trust him.

She learned her boyfriend was looking into buying a hidden camera.

She shared her story to Reddit’s "r/AmItheA–hole" (AITA), a subreddit where users from across the internet ask for advice on a conflict in their lives.

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The two have been dating for "a few months," and she says that he’s "kind and caring," and that nothing seemed "off" with him.

"The other day, we were talking about something we wanted to buy together," she wrote. "He opened up his phone to the AliExpress app and when he clicked the search bar, I saw the search history had multiple variations of 'hidden spy camera,' 'secret camera,' and 'WiFi camera,'" she wrote.

She was a bit surprised when seeing this so to double check, she grabbed his phone and looked at the search history to see many "variations dropped down from the search bar in bold."

"At first he pretended to not know what I was talking about," she said. "Then he said, 'it came up as a suggestion because you typed the first few letters in.'"

She insisted that no, that wasn’t true, and then his story all of a sudden changed.

"He told me his friend and he had been talking about how she recently stayed at a hotel where she suspected there were hidden cameras, so they decided to research them together to see what they look like," she continued.

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She didn't believe his story, insisting it didn't sound right and accused him of lying.

"I've never seen him so annoyed before but he was in disbelief that I thought he'd really be the kind of person to buy hidden cameras."

The woman continued to press him on it and to "help" the situation, he texted his friend to prove his story.

"He texted his friend to prove to me that the conversation they had was real," she wrote. "The texts said something like, 'hey remember when we were researching spy cams together?'"

"'Well my partner saw and they think I have hidden cameras — can you reply so I can prove we talked about them together and that I don't have any cameras?'"

Her boyfriend then said that he was "embarrassed" of the situation, now making the woman doubt herself.

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Reddit is suspicious of her boyfriend and is warning the woman to remain vigilant. 

While the commenters have collectively agreed that the woman isn’t in the wrong, they’re warning her to still stay on alert.

"NTA. His behavior is way suspect," one user wrote, offering more insight into the story.

"See how his story changes (twice!!!) when you don't believe the first one? Why lie at first if you don't feel caught, and don't have something to hide? Him challenging you to find cameras is a deflection. It doesn't prove anything. Of course he doesn't have them if they haven't arrived yet."

They also wrote that the text to his friend "sounds like he was putting words into her mouth so she would know what to say." 

Hopefully, the woman remains just as vigilant as she did when she saw the search bar.

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