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Woman Defends 17-Year Age Gap With Her 23-Year-Old Husband — People Say He’s Also ‘Too Pretty’ For Her

Photo: TikTok
Tanya and Josue TikTok

A couple on TikTok has recently gone viral and has been getting a lot of attention over the age gap in their relationship and the contrast in their physical appearances — with more people believing that he’s far “too pretty” to be with her.

41-year-old Tanya and 23-year-old Josue have amassed a following of nearly 400,000 on the social media platform and regularly post videos that receive millions of views, with many people intrigued by their age gap.

Tanya and Josue constantly post on TikTok about the criticism their age-gap relationship draws.

When they get hate about their age gap, comments like “I thought that was her son” or “Is she his mother?” they just brush it off and laugh about it, using trending TikTok sounds which their videos more traction.

One of their most viral videos with over 8 million views simply shows the text “when we’re in public and somebody says ‘omg is that his mom?’” as Josue walks up to the camera and asks “do we have a problem?”



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They both seem to hold an equal amount of support for each other, with comments from Tanya claiming that he’s the one convincing her to make these kinds of videos with him and Josue’s own TikTok account consisting only of videos about her.

One video, posted on their account in May 2022, provides a somewhat deeper look into their relationship.

“I’m 41 and he’s 23 but our ages do not define our relationship,” the text reads. “Our differences make our love unique.”



She goes on to talk about how his astrology sign, which is Pisces, helps keep her “rooted” and that her sign, Aquarius, helps keep him focused on building a “successful future.”

“We argue, but he never lets me go to sleep angry. We’ve been toxic but he’s never touched me,” she continues. “He’s my guardian Angel and my soul mate.”

Other age-gap couples have shown their support for them in the comments, and many others who aren’t even in those relationships praise them for standing up to the hate, but many others continue to criticize them.

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Tanya and Josue have addressed pretty much every criticism people throw at them.

“IT’S NOT THE AGE GAP,” someone yelled in the comments of one of her videos. “He’s way too pretty for you.”

She addressed the comment in a separate video, playing a cover of Eminem’s hit song “Stan” where a violin plays and she and Josue mess around pretending to play one for the commenter, mocking their anger.



If it’s not about looks, people will say that he’s with her for the money, which is something else they’ve addressed in a video as well.

“When everyone thinks he’s just with me for money, but his videos are what brings in the money,” reads the text in another video that shows Tanya laughing while Josue fakes yelling.



When people claim that he’s cheating on her, there’s a video of him slamming those claims.

Josue and Tanya seem to have something very real, and it’s evident that he’s fully committed to the relationship as well.

Maybe, one day, people will stop butting their noses into business that isn’t theirs, but until then, they’ll keep profiting off of everyone’s hate views.

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