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Woman Fears Her ‘Obsessed’ Husband Is In Love With Her Boss After Catching Him Stalking Her On Social Media

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A woman believes that her husband is in love with her boss after discovering his strange behavior.

The woman revealed that she is beginning to resent her boss due to the way her husband feels about her and she is considering leaving her job. 

The woman believes that her husband is 'obsessed' with her boss after discovering that he often looks at her social media. 

The woman shared her story on the subreddit thread,  r/TrueOffMyChest, an online space for people to share personal and intimate stories they do not wish to share with those close to them. 

The 26-year-old woman began her post by sharing with Redditors that she has been employed at her current job for a year and a half. 

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Up until recently, the woman absolutely loved her job.

“The moment I started I felt like I was in the right place,” she wrote. 

The main reason the woman felt at home at her job was because of her boss.

“My boss, the owner of the company is very cool and kind. She’s self-made and she loves her job,” the woman shared.

“She does a lot of the dirty work herself that bosses who have 30-35 employees wouldn’t have to do. But she just loves it.”

Additionally, employees at the company work six hours a day, their salaries are 20% higher than the market and they receive seven paid vacation weeks per year.

The woman claims that the stellar working conditions are simply because her boss appreciates her employees.

“I was so proud of working with a woman like her so I wouldn’t shut up talking about her to my husband,” the woman wrote.

The woman revealed that her 29-year-old husband was ‘fascinated’ by her boss after hearing about her. 

The woman shared that her boss’ physical appearance often turned heads. 

“She must’ve been beautiful when she was young. She could’ve been a model,” she wrote. 

After finally meeting her at the company Christmas party, the woman’s husband was even more intrigued by her boss.

“I think his fascination became a crush or an obsession or maybe worse, love,” she shared. 

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The woman revealed that her husband followed her boss on all of her social media accounts, as well as the company’s page, where he likes every photo the woman’s boss is pictured in. 

The woman shared that her boss’ divorce from her ex-husband was recently finalized.

The employees discovered this when he began showing up to work and attempted to change their work hours and salaries since he owned half of the company. 

“We found out that her husband had cheated on her with a younger girl who he also tried to employ in our company,” the woman wrote. 

When she revealed this to her husband, he became “so sad” and “so angry” on her boss’ behalf. 

“How could anyone do this when they had a woman like her? If it was him he would cherish her, love her, bla bla bla,” the woman wrote.

When her husband wondered aloud who would leave a woman for a girl, she became upset and told her husband that all men would prefer younger women if they could choose.

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“He laughed at me and told me only losers do that,” she shared.

The most recent incident involving the woman’s husband’s obsession with her boss occurred when they spotted her boss out at the movies with a young man.

The woman claimed that her husband “lost it.”

“He didn’t know that she dated younger men and he wanted us to go say hello but I refused and yelled at him to control himself because he looked pathetic,” she wrote.

When they returned home, the woman’s husband began scouring through her boss’ social media to see if he could uncover the identity of the man she’s been out with.

He found out that the man who his wife’s boss was out with was her nephew and not a new partner.

The woman shared that her husband’s behavior after finding out this information was what set her off.

“My husband was so happy like a weight lifted off his chest,” she wrote.

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“I lost it on him. I started crying and yelling and told him he was in love with her and he was shocked when I pushed and kicked him out of our bedroom.” 

The woman’s husband tried to calm her down by assuring her that she was “his girl” and always would be. 

However, the woman claimed that her husband then said something that “ruined her.” 

“It’s not like someone like her would look my way,” he told her.

The woman revealed that she hadn’t slept since all of this happened.

She is confused about whether her husband is infatuated or in love with her boss or if he is fascinated by her money and status. 

She claimed that her husband “won’t admit to anything.” 

The woman shared that she is unsure whether she should stay at her current job since she is starting to “hate” her boss. 

She praised the job itself and expressed her gratitude for what it has given her.

“I love this job. I love the benefits. Thanks to this job our life has improved and we can afford more than just the necessities,” she wrote. 

The woman added that she also hates herself for “idolizing” her boss in front of her husband, as she believes this may have triggered his fascination with her. 

Many Redditors encouraged the woman to keep her job and ditch her husband. 

“Keep the boss (who would probably be horrified at your husband's behavior and creepy crush), keep the job, ditch the loser,” one user wrote. 

“You know your husband is at fault here... not you and not your boss. He's acting VERY inappropriately and the things he's said would make me feel very insecure as well,” another user shared.

“Put the blame where it lies, at his feet, for saying and doing the things he has to make you feel this way.”

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