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Man Reveals Why His Girlfriend Only Agreed To Marry Him If They Used A Sperm Donor To Have Children

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Man proposing to his girlfriend

While this one woman loves her boyfriend, his physical appearance isn’t enough for her to marry him as she wants a sperm donor for their future children.

He and his girlfriend had been dating for eight months.

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One day, he decided that he wanted to marry her, however, her condition was that they use a sperm donor.

The man shared his troubles on Reddit’s “r/TrueOffMyChest” thread.

His girlfriend wanted a sperm donor because of his short height.

This isn’t the first time, the man’s height has become an issue in their relationship.

He wrote, “My girlfriend has had issues with my height ever since we started officially dating around 8 months ago (She’s 5’9 and I’m 5’4).”

While he loved her, he didn’t want to proceed ahead in their relationship if she had such big issues with his physical appearance.

“I decided to have a candid conversation with her and told her I love her and want to marry her, and said I would have to cut my losses if she is unable to accept my height and socioeconomic status,” he explained.

However, her reasons for having an issue with his height were different.

She had no problems with his socioeconomic status or who he was as a person — she just didn’t want short children.

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“She said she would be okay with the possibility of getting married if we get a sperm donor if a man that’s tall (at least 6 feet) and preferably white (I’m a POC),” he added.

He felt a bit uneasy after this as he stated that he also has a problem with her mental health history.

To satisfy both of them, he brought up the idea of adoption and his girlfriend was open to it, however, she would prefer to have her biological children.

Even then, the couple came to a middle ground and is moving forward.

Redditors thought the woman wasn’t right for the man no matter her reasons.

One user wrote, “I hate to break it to you, but at [the] bottom not only does she not love you, I'm hard-pressed to believe she even respects you. I'm 5'8, I've dated men as short as 5'3 and their height has never bothered me.”

Another user wrote, “Just imagine if you told her the same thing because you thought she was ugly and didn't want your kids to have her features. Come on man you know this ain't ok.”

Another user commented, "What's to resolve? This woman you want to marry BARELY tolerates you and REFUSES to have your children. Excuse me, but what in the world is there to love about her?"

People also thought that the woman was being racist.

“Your [girlfriend] is racist and if she's acting like she's expelled her racism just by dating you she's not ever going to not be racist," one person commented.

"Get out of there, why would you want to be with someone who inherently doesn't respect your genetics/[ethnicity]/ancestry/etc.”

However, in an update, the man claimed that she would prefer it if it was a white guy but has no problems if it was someone like him.

Internet users still had no sympathy for her and thought it would be best for the man to break it off with her.

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