Husband Expects Wife To 'Prioritize' Him On Father's Day — But She Goes To A Funeral Instead

She left her husband with the kids on Father's day to attend the funeral of someone that wasn't in her family.

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Parenting isn't easy, and it's normal for parents to want a break every now and then. One husband and wife made such a deal that promised two guaranteed breaks throughout the year, including birthdays and Mother's and Father's Days — but the husband took to Reddit to describe how things took a turn for the worse.

The couple decided to dedicate "breaks" on their birthdays and Mother’s/Father’s Day. 

The husband began his post by letting the readers know that they have two children together and one is on the autism spectrum. He wrote about how they both have stressful jobs; his wife is a stay-at-home mom while he works a full-time job. 


“As happy as our children make us, I don’t think it’s selfish for us to both desire breaks. We get them every here and there but we made a deal to have 2 guaranteed breaks in a year. Our birthdays, and mothers/Father’s Day.” 

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He then explained how his marriage is arranged, “On those days, the one parent takes on the brunt of the burden so the other can get a day to relax.” He mentioned that when his wife has a day off, his kids get her cards and gifts, and he would even schedule something nice for her to do to get her out of the house. 


However, he brought up that his wife has been less consistent, and hasn’t done as much for him as he does for her. He stated, “I typically try not to hold it against her as it is undoubtedly hard, but it does feel kind of unfair. This Father’s Day, I planned something for myself as she made no indication of doing something for me.”

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Instead of giving her husband Father's off as they had originally planned, his wife attended a funeral.

The man's wife decided to attend her old boss’s father’s funeral despite not being close to him. The husband explained that he had to cancel his plans so that he could take care of their kids on Father’s Day. 

She arrived home five hours later than expected and was unable to help their kids get their father a card as they have traditionally done, which led to an argument. 

He wrote, “I told her that I felt like she really dropped the ball on this and didn’t give me a break like I usually do for her,” to which she responded, “She told me that she’s home with the kids all day just about every day and I only have to help out after work and as far as she’s concerned I regularly get a break and she doesn’t.” 

He made it clear to mention in his post that his wife claimed he was being selfish to make the day about him, even though it was a day about celebrating and honoring fathers. 


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Many accused his wife of cheating or lying as her actions seemed so suspicious.

The husband had to clear up the allegations of his wife’s loyalty multiple times throughout the thread. He specifically said, “My wife is not sleeping with her boss. Her boss is a married gay man. We attended his wedding to another man. The people jumping to the conclusion that my wife is cheating on me are being ridiculous and drawing a back story on one glimpse in my life.” 

People on the thread said that her actions were suspicious and that he was not in the wrong for getting upset. One comment read, “That doesn't justify forcing your husband to cancel his Father's Day plans. She could have sent her condolences in a nice card with a flower arrangement”. 

Many others agreed that the husband was not in the wrong and that his wife should have allowed him to take a break on Father’s Day. 


However, many wrote that as a couple, they need to start working together and forming healthier communication. This could have been avoided if they both communicated their needs more effectively. 

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