Mom At Son's Soccer Game Receives Nasty Text Message From Another Parent Calling Her An Insulting Name About Her Shirt

She is being praised for how she handled receiving such a nasty message.

mom receives text about pride shirt @ali.momof3 via TikTok / Canva Creative Studio

A mom revealed that she was ridiculed while at her son's sports game because of the shirt she had been wearing. In a video, TikTok user @ali.momof3 shared that she had worn a shirt that caused a lot of stir among some of the other parents at the game.

The shirt in question shouldn't have proved to be an issue, but another family at the game seemed to take offense to it and decided to let the mom of three know that.


After wearing a pride shirt to her son's soccer game, the mom received a nasty message from another parent.

"Tonight, I was watching my son have a good time at his soccer practice," she wrote in overlay text on her video. "I overheard Karen and Ken make snide comments about my choice of attire," referring to her pride shirt.

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mom wearing pride shirt at soccer gamePhoto: @ali.momof3 / TikTok


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Panning the camera, the mom-of-three showed a set of parents sitting a few feet away from her. While she made sure to blur their faces, the mom made it clear that they had been looking over and her and making nasty comments about her harmless shirt.

The mother was clearly unbothered and even proved that by putting on her rainbow shades and blocking them out. "I don't [care] about what anyone thinks or says about me, so I keep my energy where it matters ... on my kid," she bluntly continued.

However, once the game was over and all the parents were leaving, she noticed a text come through in the group chat with all of the parents whose children are on the soccer team. One of the parents who had been giving her snide looks all night decided to write an incredibly unpleasant text directed at her.


In the text message, the parent wrote: "Not a surprising development... but c-ty mom showed up to practice decked out in her pride gear." Immediately after seeing the text message, the mother responded, letting the rude parent know why her attire was such a big deal.

mom receives nasty message from parent about wearing a pride shirt to her son's soccer gamePhoto: @ali.momof3 / TikTok

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Attempting to dismiss the entire incident, the parent claimed that they hadn't meant to send the message. "My text to talk turned on in my pocket and it picked up my husband's comment on the car. I sincerely apologize for that ignorant comment."

The mom, though, wasn't too impressed by her bogus apology and wrote back that she didn't want to be disrespectful, but would prefer if the team chat would only be used to talk about the kids' soccer and nothing else. 

"I will refrain from saying what I'd really like to say," she wrote to the parent.



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Despite the rude comments, the mom refused to let it stop her from wearing anything pride-related.

The mom-of-three refused to let one parent's nasty remark stop her from wearing clothes representing pride and decided to go to Target with her children after the soccer game and purchase more things.

"Naturally, we headed to Target to prepare for Saturday's game," she wrote in overlay text, showing her and her children shopping around in the store. 

In a follow-up video, she even shared another text message that she had received from the same parent, who doubled down and blamed her husband for the rude comment, despite having also participated in giving the mom dirty looks during the game.



"I just wanted to personally apologize. I am horrified by my husband's comment. My husband and I have very different opinions and beliefs in that aspect," the parent wrote. "I would never put that in a message intentionally and have no idea how my phone was unlocked and able to do that."


It didn't seem that the mom was swayed by the apology, and wrote in her caption that she "respectfully declined" formulating a response and didn't want to bother wasting any of her energy on someone who clearly tried to get a rise out of her during the game.

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People praised her for not giving the parents the reaction they clearly wanted.

"As a former coach and team manager, that family would be removed from the team immediately. Your response was classy," one TikTok user wrote. Another user agreed, writing, "What a strong, classy response. I'm so sorry this happened though."


Other people pointed out that the text message was sent with intention, despite the parent claiming that it had been an accident.

"The way she tried to claim it was an error and her phone activated talk-to-text but there are emojis, which wouldn’t happen through talk-to-text," a third user pointed out.

A fourth user chimed in, "Now I’m wondering who she meant to text. I don’t know how she could show her face [at] another game. You’re amazing for your response."

In a time when there seems to be more hate than love being shown, we all must realize how impactful words can be. As the age-old saying goes ... if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!


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