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Inside Aaron Carter's Claims That He Had A Secret Older Son As Fans Fear His Baby Won't Inherit His Estate

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Aaron Carter, Prince Carter

Following the passing of Aaron Carter earlier this month, fans not only grieve his loss but worry about the 1-year-old son he left behind. 

The 34-year-old singer's son, Prince, is currently in the custody of his ex-fiancée Megan Martin

After a long and difficult past with addiction, The U.S. Sun reported in September that Carter had ultimately lost custody of his son to ex-fiancée Martin. In an attempt to reclaim custody of Prince, Carter allegedly checked himself into a rehabilitation facility. 

Unfortunately, just two months later, Carter was found dead at his Southern California home on November 5 — without a will in place to delineate where his assets will go.

The troubled star infamously claimed he had an older son he never met and didn't have a will at the time of his death, causing fans to ask questions about Prince's inheritance. 

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Who will inherit Aaron Carter's estate?

Given that Carter passed away without a will in place, questions are being asked about Carter's estate. 

Carter was worth an estimated $400,000 at the time of his death. In the height of his career, Carter sold over 10 million records with his five albums and had various acting ventures.

However, his 2013 bankruptcy and struggles with drug abuse toward the end of his life suggest the star may not have sustained his wealth.

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California law states Carter's son, Prince, will inherit his estate.

Unmarried at the time of his passing, California law entitles Carter's estate to any biological "heirs."

In the absence of a will, Prince is Carter's next of kin. California lawyer Ryan Sellers tells Nicki SwiftPrince is Carter’s "sole heir," regardless of having the will to specify it. 

“Under California law, intestacy laws aren't affected by a custody agreement. A will is the only way to disinherit a child. Otherwise, the child is considered an heir,” Sellers explains. 

So, regardless of Martin’s custody over Prince, the lawyers predict no legal barriers for him to inherit the estate based on his living situation.

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Aaron Carter's claims of having an older son are false, meaning Prince will be his sole heir. 

In an Instagram Live from 2019, Carter told fans, “I have a 16-year-old son that I’ve never met, apparently…She never let me meet him. She moved to Amsterdam. Hayley Eisenhardt is her name. She was Miss Michigan. This happened when I was 19.”

He then tweeted about the claim writing, "Ask Hayley Eisenhardt she’s never let me meet him. Where is my son? Hayley I think you should respond now. Miss teen Michigan... I would like to meet my son."

Eisenhardt, 2006 Miss Teen Michigan, is active on social media and denied Carter’s statements from his life. 

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Eisenhardt, in a Twitter thread from October 2019, joked about Carter’s plea to her — allegedly proving it would’ve been impossible for her to compete while pregnant with Carter’s child.

It is unclear if Eisenhardt has any children and Carter seemed vague on the details that could confirm his claims. 

Unmarried at the time of his passing, California law entitles his estate to his children ‘heirs.’ Remembering this 2019 dispute, fans speculate whether or not Carter truly has an older child, and if he would return to reclaim part of the estate. 

With the likelihood of Prince inheriting his father’s estate soon, fans can turn their attention to remembering Carter’s life in a positive way. 

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