Who Is Aaron Carter's Girlfriend? See The New Face Tattoo He Dedicated To Melanie Martin

Now THIS is commitment.

Who Is Aaron Carter's Girlfriend? See The New Face Tattoo He Dedicated To Melanie Martin Getty

Aaron Carter's mental health has been called into question a lot over the last few years but now the focus is all on his relationship status.

It looks like Carter has a new girlfriend, and not only that — he's invested enough in their relationship to tattoo her name on his face (for real, guys).

So who is Aaron Carter's girlfriend, the woman who has had enough of an impact on him to make a permanent tribute to her on his body? Here's everything fans need to know about Melanie Martin.


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1. Carter's hairstylist was the one who showed off his new tattoo to the world. 



A post shared by Brandon Peach (@bdonnn) on Mar 7, 2020 at 1:10pm PST

Carter's stylist, Brandon Peach, shared this photo of the singer after "bringing him back his signature bright blonde," and it was hard to ignore the new ink that had suddenly appeared above his eyebrow. Unmistakably, his new tattoo says "Melanie," and even without explanation, it's clear that it's a tribute to his current girlfriend, Melanie Martin. 


2. But who is Aaron Carter's girlfriend? Melanie Martin is an Instagram model. 

Martin is best known for being an Instagram personality — her account has already amassed over 166,000 followers. Recently, much of her feed has become photos of her and Carter but when she's not filling fans in on her relationship, she's posting modeling photos, and she seems to have a serious passion from travel, frequently sharing her adventures with followers.

3. She and Carter have been dating since at least January.

Carter and Martin first made their relationship Instagram official in January, although it's not clear if they started seeing each other before that. Martin first appeared on Carter's feed on January 5, when he shared a photo of Martin kissing him on the cheek, writing, "She loves me she loves me not, she woke me up from napping but I'm not complaining" along with a lion emoji. 

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4. Carter seems very serious about Martin.



A post shared by Aaron Carter (@aaroncarter) on Feb 15, 2020 at 5:36pm PST

Much like Carter has overtaken Martin's feed, the same has happened with him, and in February, he posted this photo along with a lengthy tribute to his girlfriend.


"We're still learning so much about each other, what our boundaries are, hers and mine. Notice HER comes first always put your woman first before your own selfish needs," he wrote at the time. "That's what my daddy always taught me. Do right by your woman happy wife happy life. I've never met a woman more invested into me than you my darling @missmelaniemartin you've shown me a love that I never thought existed. From my boundaries I have for myself that our met and knowing she actually DOES something about it. You all can talk all the shit you want and call me names and slander me. But we all know what it is. I just want to move forward in the best way possible." 

5. Martin and Carter are already living together. 

In a tweet Carter shared in January (not long after they first started dating), he announced that Martin was officially moving in with him and hinted that they already had big plans for their future in the works. 

"Melanie and I send our love your way. #Blessed #TrueLove my darling is moving in next week and we are beginning our lives together.....and we all know what come next ;)," he wrote.

6. Carter's drama with his family has been ongoing — and constantly making headlines. 

Carter has been estranged from his family for a long time, including his older brother and former Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter. In September 2019, Nick filed for a restraining order against Aaron, citing that he was afraid for his and his family's safety — though Aaron later refuted that his claims were true.


"After careful consideration, my sister Angel and I regret that we were required to seek a restraining order against our brother Aaron today," Carter said in a statement he released himself on Twitter. "In light of Aaron's increasingly alarming behavior and his recent confession that he harbors thoughts and intentions of killing my pregnant wife and unborn child, we were left with no choice but to take away every measure possible to protect ourselves and our family. We love our brother and truly hope he gets the proper treatment he needs before any harm comes to himself or anyone else."

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