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7 Weird Rules Celebs Have To Follow During The Golden Globe Awards

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Golden Globes Awards

The 79th annual Golden Globes Awards, celebrating the best in television and movies is set to premiere on January 9, 2022.

It's a night that is eagerly awaited by many where actors and actresses from different projects come together to celebrate their achievements.

The women wear lavish gowns while the men don expensive suits and tuxedos, mingling with one another and taking unforgettable pictures on the red carpet.

The 2021 Golden Globes were postponed last year amid concerns of the coronavirus pandemic, but this year it is back in full swing.

With award season starting and the upcoming Golden Globes set to premiere, we can't forget some of the weird rules that celebrities are told to follow during the ceremony.

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There is a dress code.

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According to Bustle, that while there isn't a specific dress code that celebrites have to follow at the Golden Globes, there is a formal requirement.

The award show is fit for gowns and tuxedos, making it a formal affair that has been in place since 1945, despite the first ever ceremony being informal.

During the 2018 Golden Globes, celebrities wore black dresses in a show of solidarity for the mission of anti-sexual harassment group Time’s Up, according to CNN.

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Celebrities are given a time limit on acceptance speeches.

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While there isn't a set time limit on how long celebrities speeches have to be, according to Refinery29, stars are cut off after a certain time by an orchestra.

During the 2017 Golden Globes, actors's speeches were cut off by music encouraging them to leave the stage, and many of them also pointed out that the teleprompter was warning them to hurry up.

"Yes, wrap up, wrap up, come on, wrap up," Hugh Laurie joked during his Best Supporting Actor speech for "The Night Manager."

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Empty seats aren't allowed, so they employ seat-fillers for celebs who are late.

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According to E!, there are strict rules in place for celebrities who are late getting to their seats.

Producers are also "notoriously heavy-handed" with not allowing people to go back to their seats once break time is up. They don't want viewers to see several empty seats when cameras scan the room of celebrities.

There are also seat-fillers on call to sit in celebrities chairs as they wait behind closed doors until the next commercial break.

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There is a new eligibility rule for non-English films in the nomination process.

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rules celebs follow at golden globes

According to Variety, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has announced new eligibility guidelines for future Golden Globe Award shows.

The new rules will allow non-English language films to compete in their top categories, following the “Minari” backlash last awards season in which the association forced director Lee Isaac Chung’s to compete in foreign language category instead of best picture.

This new rule allows non-English language films to compete in the best motion picture (drama) and motion picture (musical or comedy) categories.

The set of new rules comes after NBC annouced that it will not air the 2022 Golden Globes ceremony after recent controversies surrounding a lack of diverse voices within the HFPA.

However, the HFPA said that it will proceed with its annual awards presentation without NBC involvement, according to Reuters.

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Only A-list celebrities can walk the red carpet.

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According to ABC, the red carpet is pretty much divided into two lanes.

One lane is reserved for major stars like Brad Pitt, or Leonardo DiCaprio. The second lane is for celebrities who aren't "right lane" material, and fall below A-list.

It's sectioned off like this for the sole purpose of photographers being able to get the perfect shot of major stars, and will even ask their not-really-famous dates to step out of the way.

"Okay, can we get a fashion?" is apparently the cue for their date to get out of the way, says to LA Times photographer Jay L. Clendenin in an interview with Variety.

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The seat-fillers have requirements as well.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, there are extensive rules for seat-fillers to follow if chosen to fill the seats of celebrities when the camera pans the audience.

Some of the rules include not wearing bright colors or anything that will outshine the major stars, no pictures or talking to the celebrities, and "no looking at the camera."

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Celebrities have to be on time for the after parties.

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According to entertainment reporter Angela Bishop, every celebrity has a strict arrival time that they must follow.

"So say it's like 9:11 till 9:13 p.m. and if you do not arrive at that time and stand on those circles for that time, you don't get in," Bishop told Kiis 1065.

"You have to go right to the back of the line and you don't get in until everyone's in because it is absolutely done with precision," she added.

Aparently most celebrities follow the rule, but if they don't, it's likely they won't be receiving any future invitations for that party again.

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