Kate Beckinsale And Machine Gun Kelly Spark Dating Rumors After Being Spotted Together At Golden Globes

Looks like we could have a brand new (and unexpected) celebrity couple on our hands.

Are Kate Beckinsale And Machine Gun Kelly Dating? Couple Spotted Together At Golden Globes Getty Images

Months after she was rumored to be dating Pete Davidson, it sounds like this supermodel has found a new man. 

Kate Beckinsale was seen leaving a Golden Globes party with Machine Gun Kelly on Sunday night, and now, there's plenty of speculation that they might be an actual couple after this sighting.

But are Beckinsale and Kelly dating, or was it just a friendly encounter? Here's everything we know. 


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1. Are Kate Beckinsale and Machine Gun Kelly dating? The rumors started Thursday.

In photos that hit the internet this week, Beckinsale and Kelly (real name: Colson Baker) could be seen leaving Chateau Marmont together in the wee hours of Monday morning after celebrating the Golden Globes. In the photos, they didn't look particularly cozy, but they definitely left the party in the same car, which certainly raises eyebrows. 


This seems to be the first piece of evidence that anything could be going on between them.

2. Beckinsale shared a photo from the Golden Globes, but did not mention Kelly.



A post shared by Kate Beckinsale (@katebeckinsale) on Jan 6, 2020 at 4:44am PST

In a photo she shared on Instagram of her Golden Globes look, Beckinsale didn't mention Kelly — or anyone else she might have been spending her night out with. Instead, her post focused on a red carpet photo where she showed off her gown while attending InStyle's annual party.


Given that Beckinsale typically isn't too open about her personal life, this isn't surprising and it doesn't necessarily indicate that something is not going on with Kelly... but since they've only been spotted together for the first time over the weekend, it's possible they're dating but it's still very early.

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3. Kelly has seemingly denied these rumors. 

Although he didn't specify exactly what he was talking about, Kelly seemed to call the reports about him and Beckinsale false in a tweet he posted on Monday. "Woke up to false headlines," he wrote. 

Additionally, it sounds like Kelly's night out might not have gone as he planned, because in earlier tweets, he said that he "should’ve never went out tonight." Hard not to be curious if he's referring to something that might have happened involving Beckinsale, but if they are dating, It doesn't sound like it's something he's ready to share publicly just yet. 


4. Kelly is friends with Beckinsale's ex, Pete Davison. 

Last year, Beckinsale and Davison called it quits after reportedly spending four months together, with sources claiming that the distance between them was difficult on their relationship. Interestingly enough, Davidson and Kelly are friends, and, back in September, a comedy movie they collaborated on called Big Time Adolescence was picked up by Hulu to the tune of $4 million.

If they started working on the movie together before Davidson and Beckinsale broke up, it would make sense if that's how she and Kelly met — but that still doesn't explain if theirs was a friendly hangout or something more.

5. The rapper seems to be more focused on his music these days. 

Many of Kelly's recent Instagram posts focus on the new music he's working on, including a pop punk album and by all indications, he seems to be single. If he is dating someone (not just Beckinsale) he's keeping it under wraps for now.

In fact, he revealed in a tweet shared last week that his room was cleaner when he was dating... meaning that's not something he's doing right now. Hmm. Very interesting.


6. Beckinsale has yet to comment on the rumors herself. 

While Kelly seemingly shut down the rumors, Beckinsale isn't talking. She's actually stayed quiet on social media since Sunday's Golden Globes outing, so there's a chance she's waiting for all of the speculation to die down.

In the meantime, we'll just have to wait and see if this potential couple ever hits the town again. Maybe then, we'll finally have our answer.

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