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‘Teen Wolf’ Actor Tyler Posey Sparks Outrage By Asking Fans To Donate Money For His Step-Sister’s College Tuition

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Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey, star of the popular television series Teen Wolf which aired from 2011 to 2017, has been under a lot of fire after posting a video on social media involving his stepsister’s acceptance into college.

In the TikTok, posted by Posey's stepsister, Jamie Kelly (@jjamiekelly), Posey explains her situation and in an attempt to help her out and reaches out to fans for their help as well.

However, the video is not being well-received.

Fans were shocked after Tyler Posey asked for donations for his stepsister’s college tuition.

"So my little step-sister just got accepted into college, it's a lot more expensive than she thought it would be, so she's taking donations. Anything helps," Posey says in the video before adding that the highest bidder can win a Zoom call with him.

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A screenshot claiming to show the now-deleted GoFundMe set up by Posey's stepsister, it appears bidders who donate $50 or more can also win a signed photograph from the actor.

What seems to be a kind stepbrother just helping out his stepsister turned into outrage and debates from people online who are complaining about Posey’s wealth, status, and audacity for even posting about the situation in the first place.

Fans believe Tyler Posey is too rich to be asking for money. 

The "Teen Wolf" star is set to reprise his role as Scott McCall on Paramount Plus — the Paramount streaming service to rival Netflix and Disney Plus — in a movie sequel to the paranormal high school drama.

Unfortunately, this has only encouraged more criticism as some believe the actor should be able to afford his sister's tuition himself.

Unofficial sources place his net worth at around $8 million, but the logistics of net worth calculation vs actual liquid cash and income are totally different — he might be worth that much but he has anywhere near that much sitting in his bank account.

Some fans have defended Tyler Posey and pointed out flaws in our education system.

Fans have argued against the perception that just because Posey was on a TV show for six years five years ago he’s a multi-millionaire.

"Teen Wolf was not that big, so I'm confused at people thinking he's a millionaire,” said one person on Twitter. “Tyler Posey has not had any real success outside of Teen Wolf. Really, only Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Hoechlin went on to do more after the show ended."

This is mostly true. Outside of smaller television projects like an animated Fast & Furious series, Posey hasn’t really seen much air time on the big or small screen.

Posey has made himself an OnlyFans where he likely makes a lot of his money as well as whatever brand endorsements and sponsorships he might get for still being famous, but outside of that, he’s not exactly an A-tier celebrity.

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Not only that, but people defending him are also calling to attention that the privatization of education and the government have a much larger role to play in the fact that she has to ask for help.

“I think it says more about the gov't & the education system that someone has to get their actor stepbrother to raffle off a zoom call to pay college tuition than it does anything about Tyler Posey,” they wrote.

But people are relentless and claim that none of that matters, cracking jokes about Posey auctioning off a zoom call with him and giving him the advice to seek out a loan for her.

“Tyler Posey asking his fans to give him money for his STEPsister to go to college and the ‘highest bidder’ will get a zoom call from him???? Deranged. Irresponsible. Unhinged,” said one user.

There are jokes that he spent all of his Teen Wolf money and that he’s now broke since he’s asking people for money to help his stepsister, the list goes on and on.

The GoFundMe that was created by his stepsister has since been taken down and all of her social media accounts have gone private as a result of the backlash, so it doesn’t look like anyone will be getting a zoom call from Posey any time soon.

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