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Teen Who Called Father A ‘Loser’ After He Invested Her College Fund In Stocks & Lost Money Sparks Debate

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Daughter arguing with her father

In a story of failing stocks and capitalism’s downsides, a girl and her father got into an argument after her father after he lost the money he had promised to give his daughter.

The father had promised to help pay his daughter’s college tuition but the stock marker had other plans for the money.

The daughter was clearly upset about the situation, called her father a loser, and immediately went to Reddit to figure out whether or not she went a little overboard and got her parents upset at her for no reason.

The subreddit, “r/AmItheA--hole,” is a place for anyone and everyone to relay their problems with strangers on the internet who will give it to you straight and honestly — providing you with a rating and some advice on how to handle the aftermaths of your situation.

At the most basic level, since the question is “Am I the A--hole?” the ratings are either you’re “Not The A--hole” (NTA), or “You’re The A--hole” (YTA), with some more complicated ratings — but these are the most common.

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“My dad promised to pay for my college education, I made all my plans based on his promised aid and I applied for early action for my dream college. I got in!” she started the post. “It will be expensive but I will be able to graduate with a manageable amount of debt based on my dad helping me.”

Off to a good start, but as most posts on the site, everything takes a turn when she reveals the father doesn’t have all of the money he promised.

“I asked him what had happened and he was deflecting before he admitted that he had invested the funds in some stocks and that he had lost money,” she continued. “He had promised me 70,000 dollars and now he has something like 32,000 dollars.”

Tragedy strikes and the effects of the ever-volatile stock market during the pandemic have been felt.

The stock market has always come with many risks and rewards, and there are many different types of investments that can be made that can win you big, or help you lose all of your money.

But the biggest rule of thumb that anyone will tell you is: don’t invest more than you’re okay with losing — because you could lose all of it.

“I told him that he was being a loser right now and it wasn't fair that he lied to me for so long when he was just hoping that it would go back up,” she explained.

“He said I should be grateful as they just had 20,000 set aside in a sh-tty mutual fund and I have 32,000 dollars was because he made the right investments.”

However, the $32,000 wouldn’t be hers right away, because he wasn’t going to sell the stocks yet, expecting the value to rise again, and told her to take out loans in the meantime.

The mother argued that most kids don’t even get their parents’ help for college and that she shouldn’t call her father a loser for offering $32,000 to begin with.

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While I personally disagree with using the term “loser” to describe one of my parents, the father acted wildly irresponsibly, and if the comments the daughter made on her post are true, he could put himself in even more debt because he invested in options which are known for being a sort of lottery and could be insanely risky.

A lot of people have agreed, that she is NTA in this situation, wholly based on the principles of a promise.

“I don’t know what all these people saying TA [the a—hole] are thinking. It’s not that they are entitled to the money but the fact that they were promised it hence made the college decisions based on that promise. NTA,” said the top comment.

When someone makes you a promise — especially when it’s your parent whose entire purpose as your parent is to take care of and provide for you — you expect them to keep it.

As such, she made choices based on the promise, and now she’s going to suffer the consequences of her father’s risks.

If she lives in the United States, tuition could range anywhere from tens of thousands to nearly a hundred thousand dollars — and that’s just for a year.

If she got into her dream school, which she did not disclose, it’s likely that it’s on the more expensive side and she could be paying more than double the 32,000 she was offered in just a year, and unfortunately for her, since they have the option of that much aid, it’s more unlikely that they’ll receive financial aid benefits and will have to pay even more out of pocket than before.

While the use of the term loser is a little strange, it’s totally understandable that the daughter would be upset and justifies her actions.

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