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Why Travis Barker's Ex-Wife Says She Threw A Drink Over Kim Kardashian After Confronting Her At A Party

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Travis Barker, Shanna Moakler, Kim Kardashian

If we cast our minds back to 2008, before Kim Kardashian became a household name, she was just a girl at a party getting a drink thrown at her by Shanna Moakler.

Travis Barker’s ex-wife told Page Six at the time what happened at Carmen Electra's party when she confronted Kardashian in a bust-up that quickly became aggressive.

Shanna Moakler accused Kim Kardashian of being a homewrecker.

Speaking exclusively to Page Six about the incident, Moakler recalls that Kardashian had modeled for "Stars and Straps," a clothing brand owned by Kardashian's future brother-in-law.

But according to Moakler, Kardashian “wanted more than modeling work.” 

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“She was sending him text messages and e-mails, and this was when Travis and I were working on [staying together],” Moakler told Page Six.

When she confronted Kardashian asking about the emails, “she had no answers for me. She was blatantly disrespectful.”

But Moakler didn’t leave, admitting that she is a human being and was upset.

She reiterated that she was not drunk and when she confronted Kardashian, the two yelled at one another until Moakler threw a drink in her face yelling “Wh--e!” at her.

She then told Kardashian’s then-boyfriend Reggie Bush, “I told him, ‘Your girl’s a wh--e.’ I told him Kim sent Travis messages to meet up secretly.”

Not taking kindly to her "disrespect," Kardashian later posted a photo strolling around in a T-shirt from Barker’s line, which Moakler said was in the poorest of taste, which Kardashian agreed was immature and she "just wasn’t thinking.”

Wanting to set the record straight, she posted on her blog saying, "I only had a professional relationship with Travis. It was immature of me to wear [the shirt] out the other day."

Moakler has been open about Barker and Kourtney's relationship.

In a 2021 Page Six exclusive, Moakler was asked how she feels about Barker and Kardashian when she was seen out with her on-and-off boyfriend Matthew Rondeau, and she said she was “happy” for the two.

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“He’s my friend and co-parent, and I want him to be happy," she said, "and if being with her makes him happy and she’s happy, I’m happy for both of them, honestly."

She didn’t offer any advice for Barker when asked, saying, “he can handle that Kardashian drama."

Moakler previously blamed the Kardashians for putting her through a tumultuous family turmoil. 

“My family is broken because of this family and now my kids and I are alienated from each other because of another sister in the family, so yay for me," Moakler said.

Moakler’s children with Barker, Landon, 18, and Alabama, 16, have publicly spoken about their mother, saying she hasn’t played any active role in their lives. 

“I wouldn’t consider Shanna Moakler my mom whatsoever,” Landon said in a TikTok comment.

“My mom has never completely been in my life,” Alabama said in an Instagram story.

While Moakler claims to not care about Barker’s relationship with the Kardashian and wishes both of them the best, she did have one final message for the Kardashian family, saying, “Thanks for destroying my family twice.” 

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