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Fans Share Their Rudest Interactions With Jennifer Lopez — From Mistreating Staff & Refusing To Speak To Drivers

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Jennifer Lopez, TikTok users

Jennifer Lopez has often cultivated an image as down-to-earth and normal, despite her mega-watt star power.

Even the 53-year-old diva's biggest hit song is simply titled, "I'm Real"—a claim fans agreed with enough to make it her longest-running #1 back in 2001.

But if a series of TikTokers' encounters are true, the humble woman for whom "Love Don't Cost a Thing" is a totally made-up character.

Even in Hollywood, Lopez has a reputation for being unpleasant.

But when it comes to regular people?

Well, after a viral TikTok asked people to share "a time a celebrity was rude to you," one stood head and shoulders above the rest—the one claiming to be " just Jenny from the Block."

TikTok users recalled several rude encounters with Jennifer Lopez.

Lopez even bested the star who prompted TikToker @rytoast10 to start the trend—Ellen DeGeneres, who is notorious for being one of the rudest celebrities in Hollywood.

Here are some of the worst horror stories.

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She's said to be a terrible customer.

Several TikTokers had stories about having had the misfortune of providing customer service to J.Lo. 

One woman described the experience of helping the star at Foot Locker. 



She said Lopez "cussed me out" because the store didn't have the correct size for the shoes she wanted to buy her kids, 14-year-old twins Emme and Maximilian, whom Lopez shares with ex-husband Marc Anthony.

But that was nothing compared to the story another woman had after Lopez came to stay in a house where she used to work as a maid. 

She described how a nail artist was called in to give Lopez a pedicure in bed—which the nail tech had to do upside-down, because Lopez, who was laying on her stomach, refused to roll over onto her back.



The TikToker summed up the scene with what she wished she could have said to Lopez—"B--ch get up! Get up and get the f--k out of here!"

Given all these stories, it seems pretty likely that's not a line J.Lo has heard any time recently.

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She's rude to her fans.

One TikToker who hails from Lopez's native Puerto Rico described a hurtful encounter she had with the star at the age of 12.

As she described in her video, on her first-ever trip to the US mainland, she and her sister saw J.Lo in her car at a stop light.

And when she said hello to the superstar?



Suffice to say Lopez wasn't interested in meeting a young fan, because as the TikToker put it, "B--ch rolled her window up in my face."

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She's been known to make absurd demands—and you're not allowed to make eye contact with her.

Lopez is already notorious for being hard to work with in Hollywood.

So it should come as no surprise she's no picnic to work with for regular people like a TikToker's father, a Las Vegas chauffeur who drove Lopez several times.

As the TikToker shared, Lopez is already infamous in Vegas for humiliating her husband Ben Affleck, an avid poker and blackjack player, by taking back the huge tips he leaves in casinos.

But she had other horror stories about Lopez's litany of insane demands, like that her luggage is not allowed to touch anyone else's—or even touch the ground.



And if you're thinking of making eye contact with J.Lo? Don't. The TikToker — who says her father worked as a driver for a car company often used by J.Lo — said even a driver glancing in the rear-view mirror sparked Lopez to berate him for invading her privacy.

Unsurprisingly her father eventually refused to drive Lopez ever again.

Besting the likes of Ellen DeGeneres for celebrity saltiness seems like it would be a tall order, but Jennifer Lopez has made a career out of beating other stars at the box office and in the pop charts.

Guess she beats them all at this too.  

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