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Stunt Double Claims Famous Actress Called Her 'Fat' While Working Together

Photo: TikTok / Instagram
Jewelianna Ramos-Ortiz

A woman on TikTok is exposing the perils of working as a stunt double with a famous actress — including some damaging information about a certain star.

Jewelianna Ramos-Ortiz has amassed over 2 million views on a video in which she accuses a star of body-shaming her.

The stunt double says a famous actress called her "fat."

She claims the actress told her she wanted to do her own action scenes because she thought Ramos-Ortiz was “fat” and would make her look heavy on-screen.



“This was in my #drafts for a lil but I decided I do want to post it,” Ramos-Ortiz captioned the video. “Not her literally poking at my thighs and saying please don’t let the camera see that it’ll make her look bigger.”

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She adds that the actress called her fat multiple times despite the fact that she was hired because they “have the same measurements.”

Fortunately, the stunt actress played it off and didn’t take it to heart, including in the caption “girl do you see my [peach emoji] I’d make you look so good.”

Now the internet is dying to find out who the famous actress is.

“I feel like it’s Shae Mitchell or JLO,” said one person on TikTok. “Surely Vanessa Hudgens,” said someone else. “Was it Olivia Munn?” another person asked.

But the rest of TikTok decided that they needed to know who it was in order to criticize her and her behavior.

They used Ramos-Ortiz’s comment about measurements as a clue and dug into her IMDb page for her stunt credits.

Her impressive portfolio shows that she’s worked on some popular Marvel projects like "Ms. Marvel" and "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever," which is currently in post-production, as well as the upcoming DC Comics movie Blue Beetle.

With these things in mind, some people dropped the “Brie Larson” and “Amber Heard” guesses, and started to look deeper into the casts in her credits.

Brazilian actress Bruna Mequezine who is starring in Black Beetle was a popular guess.

The movie is highly anticipated among the superhero fandom and people claimed that “they wouldn’t be surprised” if it was her, but others also pointed out that their bodies didn’t quite measure up the same way.

“Bruna is stick thin and tall (for us Brazilians ofc), the double said they got hired because they have the same measurements,” said one user on a Reddit post about the TikTok.

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Others pointed out that she looks a little like Yasmeen Fletcher, one of the stars from Ms. Marvel, but that Ramos-Ortiz clarified that she was hired to double for a movie and not a TV show.

“Sakshi Pradhan who she doubled for in MR-9 looks like a possible candidate too,” another person wrote on Reddit.

Pradhan is a famous Indian actress who seemingly fits the bill with MR-9 as her Instagram page is filled with videos of her rehearsing some action scenes for the movie.

Another user commented that “She came off as a terrible person and extremely manipulative in the show and mini-interviews, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all.”

However, because of non-disclosure agreements, Ramos-Ortiz will never be able to say who did it, as well as for the purpose of preserving her own professional reputation.

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