Woman Insists She's Not A Gold Digger After Falling For Millionaire Man Twice Her Age

Maybe it's true love.

Allana Luke allanalukeyxx / lifeatthecastle / Instagram

A 23-year-old whose partner is a millionaire twice her age is insisting that she married for love, not money.

She has heard all the stereotypes but says theirs in a genuine connection that has nothing to do with wealth.

She met her fiancé, who is 33 years older than her, on Tinder.

Allana Luke told the Mirror UK that she first met her now-fiance Jeff Winn on the dating app Tinder back in 2020.

"I decided to increase the age range on my Tinder as I was fed up with immature guys my own age," she said, explaining that she set the age filter for men between 25 and 60.


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She matched with Winn on Tinder the next day, explaining why his profile made her stop.

In it, was a photograph of him standing outside his house with his bio saying he had completed the restoration of the place.

She tells the news site that she has always had more of an interest in older men.

“There’s no denying Jeff looks much older than me, which can cause people to roll their eyes when they see us,” she says. “They automatically assume I am just another girl after his money."

Luke's mother compares their romance to the film Pretty Woman, which is about a wealthy businessman and a prostitute falling in love despite the differences in their worlds.


She'd have an incredible story to tell if it didn't work out, and maybe now it can be turned into a movie instead.

Luke and Winn hit it off immediately.

Winn invited Luke to his house, where they drank champagne and ate venison stew.

A week later, they flew to Marbella to celebrate Luke's birthday.

That was when Winn gifted her a pair of diamond earrings. 

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She said she was "shocked" at the gift, berating Winn for spending so much on her even though they had only known each other for a week, but that she was also "over the moon" after being gifted such a lavish present.


The gifts did not stop there. 

Winn has spoiled Luke with an Audi TT, a Rolex, designer handbags and holiday vacations to Barbados or Thailand. 

She says she tries not to let the people who roll their eyes at their relationship get the best of her, and that her main focus is her love for him.


"I don’t blame them as it would be my first thought too," she said. "But I would still be with Jeff even if he lost the house and went bankrupt."

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Winn recently proposed to Luke on June 2, 2022, with a 3.4 ct solitaire sparkler, and to prove that her love for him is real, she insists they get a prenup. 

"He doesn't think one is necessary, but I would like him to have peace of mind," she said.

Luke says she and Winn genuinely love one another.

"On the surface, it may look like I am with Jeff for materialistic things but when people see us in person, they can see we are so natural," Luke says when people see the two out in public.


Luke says that it's totally fine to have an age gap in a relationship and that people should not hide the loves of their lives because they are afraid of being judged.

"I have dated younger women before and my family didn't approve," Winn said. "But they all adore Allana because they can see how she positively impacts my life."

He says that when they go out, young men often high-five him for being engaged to Luke, but that doesn't stop other people from giving them stares.

“We do get stares when Allana is all dolled up," he says, but knows "They are just jealous.”

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