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8 Strict Rules Rihanna Makes Her Assistants Follow

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Rihanna has to be one of the busiest women on the planet.

Between balancing motherhood and her billion-dollar empire to making a long-awaited return to music, the singer has her hands full.

So, it's no wonder Rihanna has her assistants following a strict set of rules to make sure her life runs smoothly.

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Here are the rules Rihanna makes her assistants follow.

1. They must get the perfect Insta-worthy photo for her.

Rihanna is known for her glorious Instagram page, highlighting both her makeup brand Fenty and her other accomplishments. 

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Curating the perfect Instagram feed is no easy task — just ask her assistants.

In 2014, The Daily Star reported that Rihanna's best friend, Melissa Forde, was on the singer's payroll to help take the perfect Instagram photo.

According to a source, the pop star makes her assistant snap photos for the Instagram page, ensuring that she gets the perfect photo for her feed. 

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2. They have to clean up after her.

While the star is a mother now and in a committed relationship with rapper ASAP Rocky, that didn't stop her in the past from sneaking around with lovers. 

In the past, a source told US Weekly that she didn't "want to be held down," which explains her previous flings.

But it seems Rihanna didn't have to deal with the aftermath of her rendezvous.

“By far the worst thing she has to do is check Rihanna’s hotel room if she’s had a lover the night before. Melissa has to clean up anything personal that’s been left behind,” the source told the Daily Star.

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3. They have to ensure there’s a full roll of toilet paper before Rihanna goes to the bathroom

“Rihanna gets Melissa to check the bathroom before she uses it,” the source added. 

They also claimed the star prefers the toilet paper to be “full and folded.”

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4. The bathroom has to be sanitized if Rihanna wasn’t the last one in there

It seems Rihanna might be a germaphobe, according to the source. 

On top of folding the toilet paper, the singer insists the bathroom be sanitized if she wasn’t the last person to use it. 

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5. They have to roll Rihanna's joints.

As we’re all aware, Rihanna is very fond of the green leaf. 

So much so that in April of this year, Rhianna spoke to Vogue about how she was scared about not being able to smoke to deal with her mood swings anymore while pregnant. 

“I was bracing myself for something insane because I knew I wouldn’t have my usual coping mechanism: I can’t just go and smoke a joint right now. But I was pleasantly surprised that I’ve been able to manage," she said. 

But according to The Daily Star source, she isn’t the one to roll herself a spliff — she makes her assistant do it for her. 

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6. They need to learn some street smarts

Former assistant Jennifer Rosales, who was Rihanna's assistant for over 9 years, spoke on how being an assistant has allowed her to learn to be "street smart."

[Rihanna is] a powerhouse of a CEO… She’s super smart. So, it was learning from her," Rosales said in an interview with Tinseltown Mom in 2021. 

"She has an amazing management team, and it was learning from them…It’s that ‘street education’ you combine with your college degree that takes you to the next level."

Rosales, as well as being one of Ri's closest friends, is now the Senior VP of Fenty Corp, Rihanna's conglomerate that controls her many billion-dollar businesses. So it seems working for Rihanna pays off!

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7. They must be extremely organized 

In 2021, James Corden hit up Ri's SAVAGE X FENTY VOL. 3 launch show in his 'Take a Break' segment. During the segment, he sat in for Rihanna's assistant Carolyn and got just a taste of what she has to do in her role. 

It became extremely apparent that any of Ri's assistants have to stay on their A-game, especially with a show like these. 

From organizing models' clothes to managing makeup and outfit changes — Rihanna's assistant speaks for her on how the show needs to go.

8. There is a strict dress code.

At the start of Fenty Beauty’s launch, Rihanna jokingly published an employee handbook that included some ridiculous (and funny) rules. 

In the handbook, Rihanna advises in the handbook that her workers should dress “according to their salary.”

“If I see you wearing $350 Prada sneakers, and carrying a $600 Gucci bag, we assume you’re doing well financially and therefore you do not need a raise.”

The handbook also notes if you dress “poorly, you need to learn to manage your money better.”

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