Worker Walks Out In Middle Of Shift After Boss Tells Her She Needs To Go Home And Change Her Outfit — 'I Wear These Shorts To Work Often'

She pointed out that the shorts weren't even inappropriate.

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A woman revealed that she walked out of work after being dress coded by her boss.

In a video, a TikToker named Morgan revealed that a new manager had recently started working at her place of employment and made a comment about the outfit she had chosen to wear to work, which is something she's worn to work multiple times with no issue.

She left in the middle of her shift after being told to go home and change out of her shorts.

"I walked out of a shift today for the first time ever in my life," Morgan began in her video. She explained that around seven months ago, her job hired a new manager, and since she was hired, almost 90% of the employees quit because no one liked her as the new boss.


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"Anyway, I wore a pair of shorts to work today because the air [in our store] is not properly controlled and it gets hot," she continued. "It gets sweltering hot in that store." 


On top of the store being incredibly hot, Morgan pointed out that she is running around throughout her shift and will overheat if she doesn't dress appropriately. To avoid that, Morgan chooses to wear a pair of shorts to work. Showing a photo of the shorts, they were about mid-thigh and weren't provocative at all.

employee walks out of shift after being told to go home and changePhoto: TikTok / @uglyfatg0thh

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When Morgan walked into work wearing the same pair of shorts that she's always worn, her manager immediately went up to her and told her she needed to go home and change because her "shorts were way too short."

Morgan was told the shorts needed to be an "inch above the knee," to which she informed her boss she didn't own any shorts that length. "I've never had a problem before. If I have to leave the store for a 5-hour shift, to come back with different pants. I'm not coming back for my shift today," Morgan recalled telling her boss.

She argued that she doesn't see the need to change out of the shorts since she's worn them before with no issue, and it doesn't stop her from doing her job efficiently. Morgan also revealed that she was planning on putting in her two-week notice anyway.

"Shorts don't affect the job. I've worn these 1,000 times around her. She's never said anything," Morgan remarked. "I'm not in f--king high school. I'm 23 years old, I know how to dress for my job if I've been doing it for three years."


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In the comments section, people shared similar circumstances that happened at their jobs.

"When I was a cashier we had to wear khaki pants. I bought a new pair and they said I had to change because it wasn't khaki enough. I never came back," one TikTok user shared.

Another user added, "This happened to me at Home Depot except with piercings. I had all my piercings when I started 8 months prior and then they threatened to fire me if I didn't take them out."

"I had a manager come up to me and was like you need to put your hair up.... my hair doesn't touch my shoulders, there's nothing to put up," a third user chimed in.


While dress codes can sometimes serve a legitimate purpose in certain contexts, managers must develop dress code policies that are fair, inclusive, and free from gender bias, while also taking into account individual rights, diversity, and personal expression.

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