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Waitress Says That Her Boss Told Her To Sit 'Ugly People' At The Back Of The Restaurant While On The Job

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The role of a waitress can include greeting customers, taking orders, delivering food and drinks to tables, and providing attentive customer service throughout the meal. It usually does not consist of seating customers in specific areas of a restaurant based on their physical appearance. 

However, this was the task one waitress was given while working at a high-end restaurant in Los Angeles, and the request was one that certainly caught her off guard. 

The waitress was asked by her boss to sit ‘ugly people’ at the back of the restaurant when they came in. 

Brooke Schofield, who had previously gone viral on TikTok for revealing her celebrity encounters at a high-end restaurant, shocked viewers with the bizarre new rule that was enforced at the restaurant she worked at in Los Angeles. 

According to Schofield, who worked as a waitress, her boss requested that she seat certain people at the back of the restaurant when they came in and the reason is jaw-dropping. In a TikTok video more than 1 million times, she revealed that her boss instructed her to sit “ugly” people in the back. 

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“When my boss at my restaurant job told me I had to seat ‘ugly’ people in the back,” Schofield wrote in the text overlay of the video while lip-syncing to an edited recording of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World" ending with the phrase, “What the f–k?” — “LA is such an interesting place,” she captioned the video. 

Other TikTok users were just as shocked as Schofield. “I’m gonna purposefully forget this video when I go to LA,” one user commented. “So this is why I get seated next to the bathroom,” another user shared. 

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However, others were not so surprised and pointed out that high-end restaurants do this often. “As someone who lives here, we’re all well aware,” one user revealed. “This happens in New York City too, and probably so many other cities. They give the ‘attractive’ people the good tables and put them on display to attract others,” another user wrote. “This is every restaurant in LA so it looks more aesthetically pleasing,” another added. 

Others encouraged Schofield to drop the name and location of the restaurant. Although she never confirmed it and left many people speculating about which establishment it could have been. Others tried to recall where they are usually seated in restaurants. 

However, the theory that “unattractive” people are seated toward the back of high-end restaurants has never been proven. So if you are ever seated in the back, don’t worry! It could very well be the section that was up next in the server rotation or the only table that is available. 

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