Sam Asghari's Threat To Embarrass Britney Spears To Force Prenup Renegotiation Shows How Nothing Britney Has Is Really Hers To Claim Ownership Of

His threats underscore the challenges Spears has faced in asserting control over her own life.

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Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are headed for a divorce. The news broke after sources told TMZ that the couple were splitting due to a “huge fight.” Mere moments later, Asghari filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for ending their marriage.

Soon after, talks about their supposed “ironclad prenup,” as TMZ reported, were in the air — it was clear that Asghari was looking to renegotiate the terms of their prenuptial agreement, but it’s the route that he’s taking that is striking so many people the wrong way.


Sam Asghari’s threats to blackmail Britney Spears show how nothing has ever been hers.

From a divorce with Kevin Federline, conservatorship, to a marriage with Asghari, to being blackmailed for the pieces of her fortune, it’s clear that nothing in Spears’ life has ever been hers. At least, that’s what all of the men closest to her are trying to make sure of.

The people who are supposed to look out for her and want the best for her only want what’s best for themselves, and as Asghari attempts to make threats to secure spousal support and attorneys’ fees, it becomes abundantly clear.

Even her own life has never been hers. Thrown into stardom at a young age and then placed into conservatorship for more than 13 years, she's never really been independent and on her own.


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The 41-year-old pop star, with a net worth of over $60 million, met the 29-year-old model on the set of her “Slumber Party” music video. Marrying in June 2022, the Spears team made sure that the couple signed a prenup.

In the event of a divorce, her fortune would be protected, but it was on August 16, 2023 that Asghari sought to tear down those “ironclad” walls.


A source told Page Six that Asghari is “attempting to negotiate concessions beyond his prenup and threatening to go public with extraordinarily embarrassing information about Britney unless he gets paid.”

Though he once joked that he was attempting to “protect my jeep and shoe collection in case she dumps me one day,” many doubt he would find it funny anymore. “Any money she made before the wedding is protected,” a source told Page Six, thanks to her attorney Mathew Rosengart, who also assisted her in ending her conservatorship with her father Jamie Spears.

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The source claims that Asghari’s attempt to renegotiate their prenup will never work, and her fans have her back.

“It’s blackmail and it’ll never happen,” the source told Page Six. Although neither party immediately responded to the outlet's requests for comment, another source reported that Britney’s team was able to protect the “Toxic” singer.

Even if the men closest to Britney don’t seem to have her back, her die-hard fans will always support her, making it clear on social media that they do not care about whatever “embarrassing” information Asghari might spread.

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“Her lawyers gone eat him up,” one person tweeted. “This is literally blackmail & extortion! He better leave Britney alone & go get a d--n job!” 

“Britney Spears has had her sex life, vagina, Cesarean scar, mental illness, hospitalization, weight, [and] physical appearance scrutinized since she was 17... Does jobless Sam Asghari REALLY think he has [embarrassing] information?” someone else asked, noting how much Britney has had to go through her whole life.

Their prenup, according to Us Weekly, states that Asghari will receive $1 million every two years of their marriage, with a cap of $10 million after 15 years. Filing for divorce after 14 months, it’s unclear what Asghari will receive if anything at all, as TMZ reports that "he doesn't get a dime."


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