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The 1-Minute Eye Test That Shows If Someone Is Socially Intelligent & Able To Accurately Interpret Other People’s Emotions

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When it comes to picking up on social or nonverbal cues, some are better at it than others. The ability to understand how people are feeling without them saying a word is important in making them feel seen and "heard."

While some people seemingly miss hints about the way others are feeling, others are attentive and can recognize expressions that give them clues about the emotions of other people, making it easier to connect. But how do you know which part of the population you fall into?

A TikTok account shared a video detailing a test that tells you exactly how socially intelligent you are, and how accurately you can guess what emotions another person is feeling. According to the TikToker, Sam, the test is also used as a method of diagnosing autism.



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Take the one-minute test to determine exactly how socially intelligent you are.

The test consists of six multiple choice questions and requires you to determine the intent behind someone’s expression, using only the emotions that are shown in their eyes. Some are admittedly much more difficult to read than others and each gives you four options to choose from.

1. Playful, comforting, irritated, or bored?

Photo: TikTok

At first glance, this image might bring to mind someone who is "smizing" (smiling with your eyes). But it turns out that this one is actually a person being playful.

2. Terrified, amused, regretful, or flirtatious?

Photo: TikTok

If you take a closer look at the image displayed, you will find that there is a hint of guilt in the man’s eyes — a clue that he is feeling regretful.

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3. Irritated, thoughtful, encouraging, or sympathetic?

Photo: TikTok

In this image, a man stares wistfully, apparently in deep thought, making it obvious that the answer is that he is thoughtful.

4. Arrogant, grateful, sarcastic, or tentative?

Photo: TikTok

In this question, it’s hard to determine whether the woman in question is giving the evil eye or being seductive, but if you guessed that she is feeling tentative, you would be correct.

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5. Grateful, flirtatious, hostile, or disappointed?

Photo: TikTok

The woman shown in this picture is being seductive as she looks into the camera. The correct choice here is flirtatious.

6. Serious, ashamed, bewildered, or alarmed?

Photo: TikTok

The man’s expression seems as if there is underlying anger, but it turns out that he is just serious.

What do your results mean?

How many of these expressions were you able to guess correctly? The more you picked up on, the less likely you are to have awkward social interactions or misread someone’s emotions.

The test is actually known as the "Reading the Mind in the Eyes" test (RMET), and was developed by researchers to measure "the ability to recognize and understand another person's mental state."

Learning to understand nonverbal body language and facial expressions is key to being socially and emotionally intelligent. It can tell you a lot about a person without ever asking a question, and will put you far above others when it comes to understanding what makes people tick.

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