The Top 15 Questions Women Have For Men But Are Embarrassed To Ask, Answered By Guys On Reddit

These might leave you with more questions than answers.

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Let’s be honest. We all have those questions that are just a little bit out of pocket or a little too embarrassing to ask. Curiosity is natural, but asking those questions might land you in an uncomfortable situation.

Thankfully, denizens of r/AskReddit have come to our rescue, with men answering some of the top questions women are too embarrassed to ask the guys they know in real life.

While some are simply questions of functionality, others offer precious insight into the confusing minds of men.


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And while several answers offer some real bits of wisdom, others may leave you with even more questions than before.

Here are the 15 top questions women are too embarrassed to ask men, answered by guys on Reddit.

1. "When you use the toilet ... do you rest it on the seat?"

“Sometimes a splash hits the balls. Poseidon's kiss they call it.”


"It hangs... unless you get [an erection]. Happened to me once. NOT recommended. Makes peeing near impossible."

2. "How often do men want to be hugged? Does it feels clingy, if a girl offers it every now and then?"

"I don’t know how many guys I speak for but for me being hugged by a girl you’re dating or are close with is like getting permission to relax and be happy."

The rest of the answers to this one were summarized by the person who asked the question.

"This thread felt like a survey xD. And reading all the comments I think the conclusion is... 97% of men loves it and most of them are really starved of hugs. 2% of men don't mind if they are offered. 1% don't like it."


3. “I've always wondered if [men] see our bodies as ugly squishy bread rolls the way we think we look while having sex.”

“Definitely not. How do you see your partner during sex? If it's positive, I imagine it's the same for him.”

“If I'm having sex with someone, then no, I do not. Squishiness, in particular, is one of the main physical attractions.”

4. “Can you feel our boobs when we hug?”

“Depends on the size, but yeah for the most part we can.”

"Yes, always. Please don’t stop though, hugs are important. I’m tall, so I try to lean over them, so as not to squish or be inappropriate."

5. "Do y'all enjoy late night chats as much as girls do or it annoys y'all if it's very often?"

"Sometimes my wife asks me about something I'm really interested in or passionate about late at night and I have to point out that she is knocking on the door of a 2 hour PowerPoint presentation and she's got work in the morning."


"I love it honestly."

"I've spent many nights staying up to chat with the boys."

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6. "Do you ever worry about what your friends think of the attractiveness of your girlfriend/wife?"

"I actually did have this fear with my last girlfriend. She was a bigger girl and I wasn't really concerned about what they thought, but just didn't want anyone being judgmental toward her. It's hard to explain, I wasn't ashamed of her or anything, just hate the thought of people judging her by her appearance."

"I don’t care what my friends think, if I love a girl, I couldn’t give a F what anyone else thinks."


"I don't think some of my friends girls are attractive but that's because his girlfriend is his type of woman not mine. That's why he is dating her and not me. Im sure my friends look at my girlfriend and don't find her as attractive as I do but that's because she's my type not theirs."

7. “What does it feel like to run with no underwear on? Does it just flop around? Does it hurt?”

“It kinda flops around. It doesn’t hurt.”

"Wait people go for runs without underwear? Da hek."

"That's 1 way to get testicular torsion. I'm a distance runner too but I wear shorts with ample support. Lubricating common chafing areas during longer runs also helps."


8. “What are some of your thoughts on girls making the first move?”

“If there's proof that the guy has a crush on you or at least has an interest in you, I think it's amazing that a woman would want to take charge and show how much they like someone.”

“Please, for the love of God, make the first move.”

9. “I’m with someone who buys me flowers to make me smile — what would be something I could do similarly for him that is nonsexual that would brighten his day?”

“Bringing me coffee, giving me a random hug, rubbing my back when we watch shows are ways my wife does it. I make her breakfast and get her coffee too. It's not an everyday thing, just random acts of love and kindness. I'm not much of a gifter though so I think I fail in that department.”

Compliment him. He may not show it on the outside, but he’s giggling and blushing on the inside.”


10. “Are you turned off by stubble (nether regions)?”

Vagina is vagina. That’s all.”

“A little but it's not like it would overcome any other turn-ons at the moment or make me think about it for more than a second or two. Generally, I'd prefer my partner just trim rather than shave intermittently.”

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11. "What does an erection feel like?"

"Have you ever gotten such a serious pump after lifting weights that you can just feel the pressure in the muscle?"

"That depends on which type. Morning wood is a way different type than say an erection induced by the sexual partner. Some are super ridged and feel hot, others feel wide and heavy. I guess some are kinda 'mehh' ok then I suppose so. John Thomas has multiple personalities I suppose you could say."


12. “Do you guys wipe... after you go pee? Or do you just shake it, assume it’s good, then put it back in your pants?”

“No matter how much you wiggle and dance, the very last drop goes down your pants.”

“I dab it with some toilet paper most times, but I absolutely always do the toothpaste tube style squeeze out. Saves me a lot of underwear issues.”

13."What makes you want to commit (be exclusive, or get married)?"

“With my wife, it wasn't knowing that I wanted her in my life, it was knowing I didn't want a life without her in it. That was definitive, for me.”


“For me it was needing to feel like I had personally matured enough to be committed, I didn’t want to commit to someone who was clearly ready to commit to me if I wasn’t ready and could somehow end up wasting their time.”

14. “What do you think of fatherhood? Do you think the treatment of fatherhood is fair compared to motherhood?”

“I have a one-year-old. I was never super excited about being a dad, But I can safely say that being a dad this last year is the best thing that has ever/will ever happen to me. I love my little girl more than anything and being a part of watching her grow is the most rewarding amazing thing ever. That being said, I wish people would stop saying things like ‘oh got stuck babysitting today?’ When they see me out in public with my daughter. I have just as much responsibility to take her to the store or park or wherever as my wife.”

“I f——g hate that when I am solo parenting it's considered ‘babysitting’. ‘oH, you'RE letTTInG dAD wAtCH hER?!’”

15. "Are all boobies good boobies?"

"The best boobs are boobs I can touch. The second best boobs are boobs I can look at. In a distant third are how big they are. Personally, I love itty bitty titties. I know a lot of guys prefer huge boobs. But all of us prefer all boobs we can touch over all boobs we can't touch."


"Yeah. While some guys might not be attracted to specific sizes/shapes of boobs, you can be sure that for every set of boobs there are many men who think they are amazing."

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