Woman Shares Her Family’s Reaction To Her ‘Surprise’ Baby After Hiding Her Pregnancy From Them

That's a big secret.

Woman with baby TikTok

TikTok users have been somewhat divided by a viral video in which a woman documented her family's reactions to meeting her baby that they didn't even know was on the way.

The new mom, Victoria, shared a series of videos detailing how she pulled off her secret pregnancy and why she chose to keep it from her family in the first place.

The woman decided to hide her pregnancy until after the baby was born.

In a viral TikTok, Victoria's other two kids are seen walking into her parents' home before she enters with her newborn son.


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As she came in with the baby, she yelled "Surprise" which prompted the kids to do the same.

Both the grandmother and the grandfather can be seen shocked as they had no idea Victoria had been pregnant.


When the grandfather seemed shocked to say anything, one of the little girls said, “It’s a new grandson. His name is Tyrion.”

In another video, the TikToker visited her sister-in-law and surprised her as well. The woman’s husband walked in with the camera first. 



When Victoria came in with the baby, her sister-in-law seemed quite surprised.


She said in a shocked tone, “Oh my god, where did he come from?”

After the initial shock, Victoria explained that it was her baby, and her sister-in-law then congratulated them with a smile.

The woman explained how she kept her pregnancy a secret from the family.

In a follow-up video, Victoria explained how she managed to keep her pregnancy a secret for nine months.



She said, “I wore baggy shirts, hoodies, that kind of stuff. I didn’t hide myself. I didn’t avoid my family. I just hid the bump.”


She further explained that by the end of the pregnancy, she didn’t see much of her family as they had gotten busy.

She even talked about why she thought to hide her pregnancy from her family.

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“I’ve had five miscarriages that were pretty traumatic. I’ve also had four viable pregnancies that were hard on me,” Victoria said.

Additionally, she mentioned that her husband and she just wanted some privacy.

She didn’t want constant messages from people throughout the pregnancy, something she disliked in her previous pregnancies.

She also stated that none of her family members were upset that she hid her pregnancy — they were just happy to see a new baby in the family.


The secret pregnancy has sparked a debate among TikTok users.

Many people didn’t like the idea of secret pregnancy.

People thought that these moments should be shared with the family.

One user wrote, “I truthfully would be very upset."


Another user wrote, “Why do people keep it a secret from [their] families? they want to take part in the excitement of pregnancy too. I would be upset if I were to miss that.”

However, there were many others who defended the mother’s decision and were sympathetic to the TikToker’s reason to keep her pregnancy a secret.

One user wrote, “People need to realize [that] a pregnancy is mum and dad’s thing to share first and foremost. They obviously enjoyed their pregnancy in peace and love.”

Another user wrote, “Not everyone has easy pregnancies, not everyone wants to share the details of their pregnancy, not everyone is super close [with] their family.”


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