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Fans Spot Proof That Pete Davidson Is Removing Kim Kardashian Tattoo

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Pete Davidson was spotted in New York City Monday, October 4, 2022, with Joe Pesci as they film the comedy series “Bupkis” together.

The pair looked cozy as they prepared for colder weather with heavier garments, but fans noticed something peculiar poking out from Davidson’s “Staten Island” sweater.

Fans believe they spotted proof that Pete Davidson is removing his Kim Kardashian-inspired tattoos.

At the base of Davidson’s neck on the left side, fans noticed that the “King of Staten Island” actor was sporting a bandage.

Unless “Bupkis” includes a scene where Davidson receives a neck injury, fans are convinced that this means he’s finally covering up the infamous “MY GIRL IS A LAWYER” tattoo.

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Back in March 2022, SKIMS founder Kim Kardashian, revealed during an appearance on The Ellen Show that her now ex-boyfriend, Davidson, had gotten several tattoos dedicated to her.

Her favorite, however, was the “MY GIRL IS A LAWYER” tattoo.

Many people instantly threw up their red flags when they saw that Davidson had gotten several permanent markings devoted to his relationship with Kardashian — permanent fixtures for a potentially temporary relationship are a big no-no.

“A person getting a tattoo or branding of you that you’ve been dating for a short time is a major red flag in a relationship,” wrote one woman in the replies to the Ellen clip.

“These behaviors serve as an indicator of obsessive and territorial tendencies in an intimate/romantic relationships.”

Despite Kardashian’s claim that “that’s what tattoo people do,” getting a tattoo dedicated to someone isn’t behavior that should simply be brushed off, and for this exact reason.

Davidson had several, including a branding that reads “Kim” — all of which he will likely want to be removed now that they have broken up.

Many fans on the Kardashian subreddit, “r/KUWTK” asked what he was going to do about the more permanent branding as some offered suggestions that could solve the problem.

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“It can be surgically removed or it can be camouflaged / covered with another brand,” wrote one fan. “What the f--k was he thinking when he decided to do a branding? A B R AN D I N G.”

Others questioned the legitimacy of the claim, asking whether or not the removal of a tattoo warrants a bandage being placed over the cleared skin.

“Obviously mine is just a speculation but the band-aid is right where he had that tattoo,” wrote one user.

“I don't have a lot of experience because I only removed two tattoos but then they put a band-aid but only for a day / two because the skin is like a ‘burn.’”

Davidson’s been pretty private since the very public breakup between him and Kardashian, so it’s unlikely that fans will ever get a confirmation of the truth until he’s photographed without a shirt on.

Let this be a lesson to all: if you’re thinking about getting a tattoo for your significant other, don’t.

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