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Brooklyn Beckham’s Fiancée Nicola Peltz Accused Of Terrorizing & Abusing Her Nannies As A Teen

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Nicola Peltz, Brooklyn Beckham

As fans obsess over Hollywood's latest It Couple, Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Ann Peltz, some might be surprised to know about Peltz's controversial past.

Brooklyn, the eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham, has been dating actress/model Peltz, 27, since 2019 and got engaged after a year together.

There's no denying that the couple are adorable — even Victoria Beckham has sung Peltz's praises, praising her son's wife-to-be as "sweet" and "kind."

However, if rumors are to be believed, "The Last Airbender" actress wasn't always the polite person she appears to be today.

Nicola Peltz was reportedly abusive to her nannies as a teenager.

In 2009, "Gawker" claimed that the Peltz household was a "House Of Horrors" for staff — particularly nannies.

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Nicola is the daughter of billionaire businessman, Nelson Peltz and the former model, Claudia Peltz. The billionaire businessman has six children with Claudia and two from his previous marriage.

The Peltz family lives in a mansion that covers 130 acres and has 27 rooms. In addition, the estate includes a waterfall, a lake and an indoor hockey rink.

It may be no surprise that the couple would need help around the house and with their kids — though it is reported that they had a hard time keeping staff.

"Peltz's youngest daughter routinely threatens maids that she will have her father fire them if they don't do as she asks," Gawker reported at the time.

"She's hardly bluffing. Her last nanny was reportedly hauled out of the house by two beefy bodyguards after the girl decided she didn't care much for her."

The actress, who would have been 13 or 14 at the time has also been said to have abused the other staff in her house such as butlers or maids "as a sport."

The Peltz family reportedly had a lot of strict rules for staff members.

One of the rules that Claudia allegedly enforced upon the staff is for them to bring their own food for the day. They aren’t allowed to eat anything from the house, even if it’s leftovers. 

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According to reports, if staff were caught eating food that would have gone in the trash they were heavily scolded.

The reports also claims that, in one particularly harsh incident, Claudia called a butler to clean up drops of urine she noticed on a toilet seat.

"It was only after he'd cleaned the seat four times — 'once more for luck,' she said — that Mrs. Peltz, perhaps detecting some frustration on the butler's part, informed him that she didn't like his attitude and dismissed him. It was Easter Sunday," Gawker wrote.

Some of the Peltz's nannies were rumored to have been suicidal at some point.

An internet user posted on Reddit about how some of the nannies had been terrorized to a point of having suicidal thoughts.

They also mentioned the terrible things Nicola has done. Nicola made her nannies work to the core and made them do unpleasant things.

She would then have them fired at the end of the week and repeat the whole process with a new maid the week after. 

The user wrote, “There was also apparently at least one incident where she pushed a nanny down the stairs.”

However, the user doesn't appear to cite a source for these claims.

It should also be taken into consideration that Nicola would have been in her early teens when these reports emerged and has likely changed a lot since then. 

Much of their staff have spoken up against the abuse and sued the family.

There was an incident where the butler was asked to clean the toilet seat four times. However, after he showed some frustration for the request, he was fired, which happened to be on Easter.

After that, many former employees came forward and spoke about the unfairness that occurred.

One of their former drivers sued the Peltz family after they fired him. He stated that the family fired him right after he woke up from a coma.  

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