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Victoria Beckham & Daughter-In-Law Nicola Peltz ‘Can’t Stand Each Other’ After Wedding Drama, Says Source

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Rumors about Victoria Beckham and Nicola Peltz's alleged feud are heating up after a source claimed there is "non-stop petty drama" between the pair.

Peltz, 27, married Victoria and David Beckham's son Brooklyn Beckham, 23, in April but has allegedly been locked in a cold war with her new mother-in-law both before and since the wedding day.

Victoria Beckham and Nicola Peltz's alleged feud caused drama at the wedding.

“They can’t stand each other and don’t talk,” a source told Page Six. “The build-up to the wedding was horrendous.”

Peltz reportedly didn't want the former Spice Girl "to be any part of the planning, and she wouldn’t clue Victoria in on anything. Communication was minimal.”

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“They haven’t spoken to him much in the last few months,” continued the source. Peltz is living in Miami with her new husband.

Fans have theorized that the fashion designer and her new daughter-in-law feuded partially over Brooklyn's decision to take Peltz's last name.

Victoria Beckham didn't acknowledge Nicola and Brooklyn's married name in her wedding post.

Shortly after the wedding, Victoria posted a picture of the couple with a caption that read, “Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Beckham, welcome to the family.”

This post came after both Nicola and Brooklyn had already revealed that they would both be going by the last name Peltz-Beckham.

Victoria’s husband, David Beckham, also ignored the joint surname in favor of “Mr. and Mrs. Beckham” when he congratulated the couple on Instagram.

Nicola Peltz excluded Victoria Beckham from her wedding photos.

Nicola not only went against her mother-in-law by referring to herself and her husband as Peltz-Beckham, but she also excluded Victoria from the photos she posted from the ceremony. 

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She also posted another set of photos the following month with the caption “family is everything to me,” with several images of Brooklyn and the Peltz family but notably left Victoria out.

Victoria Beckham and Nicola Peltz previously seemed close.

Last April, Victoria Beckham posted a picture of Peltz with a caption that read “Looks like the future Mrs. Beckham has been in my wardrobe again! But you’re forgiven because I love this VB bustier on you.”

Compounding the issue is that the two used to be much more positive towards each other online.

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The recent behavior on social media has left some wondering who was at fault for their relationship deteriorating.



“So who do we think it is?” TikTok user kalyiia said in a video posted Wednesday. “Is it the crazy daughter-in-law or is it the toxic mother-in-law? Do we know?”

Sources say tensions arose on Brooklyn and Nicola's wedding day.

Sources close to Victoria and Peltz have seemingly confirmed a rift between them. According to the sources, a major part of the divide comes from Brooklyn wanting to form his own identity separate from his family, and Victoria’s reluctance to let him go.

“This is a conversation that has been going on for years now, from before Brooklyn met Nicola, as his parents have tried to encourage and direct his career focus,” a source told Heat World.

“He and Nicola both come from very influential families, and they’re used to being told what’s expected of them. Brooklyn feels he’s never had the chance to be his own man and has always had to live in the shadow of his parents."

“No matter what he tries to do, he’s always pulled back, but now he’s determined this is his new start in life and a chance to escape his past.”

There are also rumors about an incident involving Peltz and Victoria at the wedding.

An anonymous source told DeuxMoi that Peltz exited the venue following a performance by Marc Anthony, in which he dedicated a song to Victoria Beckham, and a subsequent awkward speech.

The source adds that the only people to hold a speech for Peltz were her stylist and acting coach, while the Beckhams largely kept their distance.

“There was noticeable tension,” the source said. “The Beckhams didn’t really interact with Nicola or her family.”

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