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Mom Wonders If She's Wrong For Wearing Jeans To Her Daughter's Wedding To Get Back At Her

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“I decided to let her see what it felt like to be seen as less of a priority on an occasion that is important to her, so I arrived to her wedding in jeans,” a vindictive mom wrote in a popular Reddit forum dedicated to personal conflicts.

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This jeans-wearing mom took to the AITA, or r/AmITheA–hole, thread on Reddit to get viewers' opinions on whether or not she was the “A–hole” for her untraditional appearance on her daughter’s special day. 

But, this mom didn’t just forget to do laundry or pick up a nice dress — she’s been holding a grudge.

With her daughter’s wedding approaching, she finally found the perfect time to get revenge, but was that really all that bad?  

Seven years after her ‘sloppily dressed’ daughter embarrassed her, this mom wore jeans to her daughter's wedding as punishment. 

Throughout her now 24-year-old daughter’s childhood, she always criticized her for being a “sloppy dresser” — never dressing up for parties or family events, even when she was begged to. 

Usually, for the angsty teen, jeans and a t-shirt were an official uniform — only broken for very special occasions. 

When her birthday rolled around, the mom recalls being excited to share it with her family at one of their favorite restaurants. 

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When her daughter arrived at the restaurant, this mom was furious to see her in jeans. 

Not only was she angry at her daughter’s disregard for her request to dress nicely, especially on her special day, but she also felt it was incredibly selfish. 

“I have always found her constant failure to dress nicely for us selfish, yet she refuses to see it as we do and does not see the issue with her behavior.” 

Only adding to her rage, the next day, her daughter left the house in a skirt and sweater to go see her boyfriend — which must’ve been more special than her mom’s birthday, in her eyes. 

“I told her off for it before she left, but she was confused and did not see how selfish she had been.” 

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Seven years later, that same boyfriend and her daughter made plans to get married. 

A mother’s dream! A wedding! A beautiful day when families come together to celebrate love — but, for this mom, the only thing she was celebrating was an opportunity to give her daughter a taste of her own medicine. 

Still embarrassed by her 17-year-old daughter’s failure to dress up for her own birthday, the mom decided she would take karma into her own hands. 

“Without telling her, I arrived at her wedding in jeans and a blouse instead of my prepared outfit.” 

Hoping for a shock or perhaps an apology from her distant memory, the mom was shocked when the daughter never mentioned her jeans at all. 

“She did not comment on my attire once throughout the day and has still been in the same level of contact with me yet has not mentioned or seemed to have cared.” 

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While her daughter wasn’t angry to see her mom in jeans, her husband certainly was.

For the entire day before the wedding, her husband tried to discourage her from swapping into jeans.

Incredibly embarrassed at the wedding, the husband also told her that “as the mother of the bride [she] should have been more considerate of how it made him look to stand next” to her. 

While he may have agreed with her 7 years prior about their daughter’s “selfish behavior," the couple was certainly nowhere near on the same page — as the mom reveals in the last part of her post. 

“I thought he had agreed with me…that this is nothing compared to the years of her refusing to put in the effort to dress nicely for us.” 

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Reddit’s commenters seem to agree that this mom is ‘The a—hole’ for wearing jeans to her daughter’s wedding. 

“Ma’am you are grown,” one commenter types, “This is a beyond petty thing you decided to do at your own daughter’s wedding. Thank goodness your daughter clearly does not care…even if you are ugly on the inside.” 

Thousands of other comments agree, one saying, “What kind of mother (and I am one myself, btw) holds a d**n GRUDGE for so LONG, that she decides to teach her daughter a LESSON on her wedding day?”

So maybe this mom didn’t outshine her daughter on her big day, but she certainly stood out — perhaps not for the best reasons.

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