Bride Hatches Plan To Get Revenge On In-Laws Who Tried To Ruin Her Wedding By Wearing A Black Dress

The bride's in-laws were very embarrassed.

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After being blackmailed by her ex-husband and ex-in-laws to have a wedding their way, one bride went ahead and wore a black dress for the ceremony.

She later went and posted her revenge plan on Reddit’s “r/pettyrevenge” thread.

The subreddit is a place where people post the petty acts of revenge they did against the people who did wrong to them.

The bride explains, in her post, that her former in-laws tried to ruin her big day until she took revenge.


Her ex-husband's parents wanted a lot of control over her wedding.

When she refused, they decided to slowly ruin her life.

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“My ex knew I was working towards a promotion and told his parents about it,” the bride continued.

“They decided to attempt sabotaging my promotion by having my ex constantly harass me at work and start long arguments at home with me so I would be too exhausted to focus at work.”

At the time, she was living with her ex and because her own mother had a history of not supporting her after an abusive relationship, she had nowhere else to go.


Her ex-in-laws knew that and thought their plan would work and she would eventually cave into their demands. 

“When I confronted my ex about it, he told me ‘if you want to have any peace at home so you can focus on your work so badly, then give in to everything my parents want for the wedding,’” the bride explained.

The woman didn't like this but eventually agreed to her in-laws' ideas for the wedding but had something else planned.

The bride came up with wearing a cheap black dress for the wedding as her revenge plan.

"I decided a little petty revenge was in order. I found a black dress for 40 bucks online a week before the wedding to function as my wedding dress," the bride explained.


"Sometime before the wedding, my boss had told me that my promotion would be announced at a meeting on the week of the wedding," she adds.

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"So I went to a local designer and bought a $500 dress to wear to work."

Then at the wedding, she made sure to let her ex-husband, ex-in-laws and all of the guests know that she spent a fortune on a work dress but nothing for her wedding dress.

The bride explained, “I remember saying something to the tune of ‘weddings just aren't as important to me as my job is.’ to a lot of people. Apparently, that really [embarrassed] ex MIL [mother-in-law] and ex FIL [father-in-law].”


She eventually gave her expensive work dress to her ex-sister-in-law when she outgrew it and got divorced from her husband a couple of years after the wedding.

The bride took immense pleasure after finding out that her revenge plan still works even after all these years.

The bride explained, "From what I last saw on [Facebook], ex SIL [sister-in-law] is STILL wearing that dress to family events, no doubt ruining the mood for her witch of a mother. It's truly the gift that [keeps] on giving."


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