Mom Tells A Stranger On A Plane It's His Fault Her Son Burst Into Tears After Seeing What Movie He Was Watching

The mother reprimanded the passenger, although people are calling her out for not watching her child.

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While a passenger was watching a movie on his phone during a plane ride, he was startled by a blood-curdling scream behind him. It was a child who was afraid of the movie he was watching. 

Sharing his story to the subreddit, r/AmITheA–hole, the 19-year-old man revealed how he was reprimanded by a fellow passenger’s mother during a recent flight. While flying home to visit his parents, the man decided to watch a movie on his phone to pass the time during the six-hour flight. 


When a child behind him got frightened while watching his movie, a mom yelled at him.

He was watching the film “Deadpool 2,” which is rated R for and features violence. One particular scene depicts the main character, being split right down the middle, which could be deemed graphic and disturbing — especially if you're a child.

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 While the man was watching this scene, he heard a scream from behind him. The scream was muffled since he was wearing headphones. “I take out my headphones and there's a little kid behind me, crying,” he wrote. “He had positioned himself in a way that he could watch my screen and had watched him get torn.” 


The child's mother slammed him for watching an inappropriate movie in front of her kids. 

Although the man was unaware of the child behind him during the flight, his mother blamed him for not being more conscious of his surroundings. “His mom got mad at me and yelled that I shouldn't be watching that kind of thing, especially in front of children,” he wrote. “But I wasn't aware anyone was watching me, and that kid would have had to force himself into that weird position to see my phone screen.” 

He adds that the child could not have been older than six and he was unaware whether or not his mother knew he was watching his phone screen beforehand. 

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Redditors sided with the man and criticized the mother for not keeping a better eye on her child. 

“She should've watched her own kid. She was happy he was occupied until it backfired and decided to shift the blame,” one user commented. “If the mom doesn’t want her kid watching OTHER people’s devices, SHE should make sure it’s not happening,” another user pointed out. 

Other users noted that airplanes are public spaces and that passengers were entitled to use their phones to watch movies on them during flights. They also pointed out that many airlines provide streaming services that contain rated R-movies, so it is perfectly acceptable to watch them on planes. 

However, it is safe to say that this child likely will not be watching any of the Deadpool movies anytime soon. 

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