Mom Asks Her Two Little Girls To Explain What They Did To Grandma's Teeth After They Got In Trouble At Her House

The little girls had no shame in admitting they would hide those dentures again.

Two Sisters Hid Their Grandma’s Teeth @foxyflyfancy / TikTok, Malgorzata Surawska / Shutterstock

Going to a grandparent’s house is one of the highlights of childhood. It usually results in fun memories for the children and interesting stories for the parents to tell for years to come. And one woman will certainly be telling this specific story for the rest of her daughters' lives.

A woman posted a hilarious video asking her daughters what they did with their grandma’s teeth. 

A mom's two daughters, London and Paris, went to their grandma’s house one day while their other sisters stayed home. Their grandma’s teeth mysteriously disappeared while the girls were over and, upon being questioned by their mom, both denied ever touching the dentures. 


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Their mother urged one of them to fess up because dentures are expensive. Fortunately, their grandma eventually found her teeth in the refrigerator. The grandmother told her daughter that it had to have been London because she was the only one who went into the kitchen.



London heaved a dramatic sigh and said, “Nana tells everything,” in an exasperated voice that children have when they are annoyed.


The mother demanded London explain why she took her grandma’s dentures to which London complied, saying that she hid the teeth because they got in trouble for playing in the house and their grandma was going to tell on them. But London immediately defended herself by saying it was her sister, Paris’s, idea.

When asked why Paris told London to take the dentures, Paris let the answer come right out, stating that they thought their grandma couldn’t tell on them without her teeth.

“And I will do it again,” she said firmly at the end of the video.

Not only is the video hilarious, but it's evident that this mama has two very strong-willed children.

Users in the comments of the post voiced their opinions on how much they loved Paris and her attitude about hiding her grandma's teeth.


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One user wrote that “Paris is ruthless” with laughing emojis. Another wrote, “She was just trying to hush grandma up” with a cry-laughing emoji. Some users even said that they are scared of Paris because of her intelligence and callousness. “You guys need your own show. I just cried so much,” another user said.

It's nice to see such good-natured feedback regarding a silly situation like this because, despite the naughty behavior, it's really quite funny!

Other users assured the mom that she was not alone in dealing with this behavior. They even told their own stories of hiding their grandparent’s teeth. 


One person said that she hid her grandma’s teeth because “she had done ate my food and that prompt[ed] me to do it. She was crying while looking for them teeths.” A second user reflected on her own experience with this exact situation, explaining how her daughter and niece hid their grandmother’s teeth in a teddy bear.

Considering that Paris said she would hide her grandma’s teeth again, it's safe to assume that their grandma will not let her teeth out of her sight when her grandkids are around. And if you, yourself, have kids who do naughty things like this, consider it comedic relief when dealing with mischievous little kids.

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