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Why 'Migos' Members Quavo & Takeoff Were Feuding With Offset Before Takeoff's Death

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Quavo, Offset, Takeoff

Following the death of Migos member Takeoff, fans have been left wondering whether the rapper was still on bad terms with fellow group member Offset, as was previously rumored.

Takeoff, whose real name was Kirsnick Khari Ball, made up one-third of the Grammy-nominated rap group, Migos, which is also comprised of Takeoff's uncle, Quavo, and cousin, Offset.

The 28-year-old rapper was gunned down on November 1 while attending a party at 810 Billiards and Bowling in Houston, Texas. 

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According to CNN, employees at the establishment told police that an argument had taken place after the party had ended, leading Takeoff to get hit by a stray bullet. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Before Takeoff's death, there had been speculation of bad blood between members of the Migos following the group's recent breakup.

Were Migos feuding? Details of Takeoff and Quavo's 'beef' with Offset.

Takeoff and Quavo's relationship was allegedly strained at the time of Takeoff's death.

Quavo and Takeoff had alluded to a lack of loyalty on Offset's part and hinted that they were working on repairing their relationship as a trio.

Rumors of a rift between the members started after Offset and his wife, Cardi B, both unfollowed Quavo and Takeoff on Instagram in May 2022 after the duo released their debut single "Hotel Lobby."

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Quavo and Takeoff were allegedly on bad terms with Offset when they pursued a duo project.

During an appearance on the "Big Facts" podcast, Quavo, joined by Takeoff, said that the two of them see themselves as more of a "duo."

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“I just feel like we want to see our career as a duo, you know what I’m saying?” Quavo said.

“Because you know, we just came from a loyal family, sh-t that’s supposed to stick together. And sometimes, when sh-t don’t work out, it ain’t meant to be.”

While the group never formally announced a split, all three of them had embarked on solo music endeavors.

In September 2022, Offset revealed the release date for his upcoming solo album, while Quavo and Takeoff released their first joint album, "Only Built for Infinity Links" last month.

Quavo also alluded to a potential lack of loyalty from Offset.

"We stand on loyalty, real deal loyalty, and sometimes that sh-t ain’t displayed," the 31-year-old rapper said. 

"This ain’t got nothing to do with no label, no paperwork, no QC, nothing. This got something to do with the three brothers. And sh-t, it is what it is. Right now, we gon’ be the duo ’til time tell.”

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While Quavo seemed to be hinting at a feud between Offset, Takeoff displayed a more optimistic outlook, saying that despite everything, they're all still "family."

"We don’t know all the answers, you feel me? God knows. We pray a lot, you know?" Takeoff shared.

"Whatever ain’t right and however you supposed to see it fit, you put it back together, or however you do it, we pray. So only time will tell. We always family now, that ain’t gon’ change.”

The rap group, most known for their hits such as "Versace," "Stir Fry," and "Bad and Boujee," first formed in 2008.

The members, Takeoff, Quavo, born Quavious Keyate Marshall, and Offset, born Kiari Kendrell Cephus, had been friends since youth before deciding to pursue rap as a trio while they were in high school.

In a 2018 cover for Rolling Stone, Quavo and Offset explained how they started working together before Takeoff joined.

"[Takeoff] is outspoken with the people he f–k with, he love, but he quiet to everyone else,” Offset explained to Rolling Stone. “He analyze a lot, that’s why I think his raps be so strong. Takeoff got some strong s–t. He’s just powerful."

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