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'Love Island' Host Maya Jama Has A New Rule In Her Dating Life After Breakups From Ben Simmons & Stormzy

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Stormzy, Maya Jama, Ben Simmons

Maya Jama, the new host for the UK version of the reality dating series "Love Island," has shared some of her strict rules when it comes to dating.

Jama, 28, was previously in a relationship with British rapper Stormzy for four years until their split in 2019 and had also been engaged to NBA player Ben Simmons before the two called off the arrangement eight months after the proposal.

In a January 2023 interview with Vogue UK, ahead of the premiere of the winter season of "Love Island," Jama spilled the beans about her love life, and the rule she has for future partners.

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Maya Jama shared new rules in her dating life following her breakups with Ben Simmons and Stormzy.

While speaking to the publication, the 28-year-old host admitted that she is quite open when it comes to the idea of love.

"I’m quite open. I’m a very impulsive person, so if I feel something, I can’t really hide it too much," she told Vogue.

"Unless it’s in the friend-zone stage where I’m being strict on myself to keep it friends only. But once I’ve sussed you out, I’m all in. I’m like, 'Okay, look, I like you. What are we up to? Do you wanna be my boyfriend?' Let’s keep it moving."

Jama continued, saying that she doesn't ask men to be her boyfriend until she's made it clear that the next stage won't happen "unless we're exclusive."

"I’m like: 'You need to make it clear what you want, otherwise we’re not moving any further than this peck on the cheek vibe.' Wife me or f-k off, basically!"

Jama added that while she doesn't have a specific type, one thing she does look for in a potential partner is "kindness" and "someone I can have a laugh with."

"I need to know that if we got trapped in a lockdown or something, I’m not gonna get bored. I need to feel you’re my friend more than anything – to fancy you on top is just a bonus."

"And I have to respect them. I want to look up to you for something. So either I feel you are super smart, or you’re good at whatever job you do, or that I can learn something."

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Jama's previous relationship with Stormzy reportedly ended after cheating allegations surfaced.

Jama and Stormzy, whose real name is Michael Omari, dated from 2015 until their split in 2019, when it was reported that the rapper allegedly cheated on Jama.

Stormzy even seemed to allude to the rumors in his song "Lessons" from his 2019 album, "Heavy Is the Head."

The rapper hinted that he had "done the dirty," according to The Sun, during his four-year relationship with Jama.

He continued, rapping about "the greatest love I ever knew" with Jama, and that "it's too hard to forgive."

However, Stormzy later denied that he'd cheated during a January 2020 interview on Hot 97's "Ebro In The Morning."

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"I didn't cheat!" Stormzy insisted. "It's so mad because even with the song — I made a song called 'Lessons' addressing the situation. And since the situation happened, there's was a lot of, like, 'You're a cheat!'"

He clarified that while he didn't cheat on Jama, what he actually did was still considered "a big disrespect."

"It was very inconsiderate. It didn't need for it to be cheating for it to be a disrespect. But I thought now was a good time to say that I didn't cheat on my ex," he explained.

Following the end of her relationship with Stormzy, Jama moved on to NBA player Ben Simmons, who famously dated Kendall Jenner.

Simmons and Jama were even engaged, following Simmons' proposal in December 2021.

The pair eventually called off their engagement and subsequent relationship, citing their busy schedules and careers, according to The Sun.

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