7 Weird Rules Contestants On Love Island Have To Follow

Some of them are understandable.

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If you're obsessed with 'The Bachelor,' 'The Bachelorette,' or any reality televison dating show, then you've probably seen or heard of 'Love Island.'

The reality dating show consists of a group of single people move to a luxury villa in the hope of finding love and the summer of their life.

There are twists and turns throughout the seasons that are supposed to test the relationships between the Islanders, who are all competeing for a prize of £50,000.


The show has captured viewers, who have tuned in for every season to watch the drama unfold, in both the UK and in America.

'Love Island' has done so well, the show has branched off in other countries, including Australia, and the U.S.

However, many people wonder what the rules are for the contestants on 'Love Island' and if it's either extremely strict, or lax.

Past contestants who have either won, or been been voted off, have revealed in interviews that there are a few weird rules that the producers make all of the islanders follow.

Here are 7 weird rules contestants on 'Love Island' have to follow.

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1. There is an alcohol limit for all the contestants.

According to Cosmopolitan, all of the Islanders are only allowed a maximum of two alcoholic drinks per night.

Liana Isadora Van-Riel, a past contestant on the 2016 season, was one of the first to open up about this rule in an interview with The Sun. 

"You're allowed one or two drinks a night," she explained, going on to clarify that the options were "either wine or beer, no spirits."

This rule seems pretty fair, especially if the producers don't want anyone to get too drunk and possibly hurt themselves, or others.

2. The contestants eating is monitored.

Alexandra Cane, who appeared on the 2018 season, revealed that the contestants food intake is monitored.


In an interview with Closer, Cane explained, "We do have to be monitored on what we eat. This is to make sure everyone in the house is eating sufficient amounts of food and no one is going to get ill."

That's probably why viewers never see the contestants sitting down to eat a meal, unless they're eating breakfast or leaving the villa for a date.

"Lunch and dinner times were never shown because we had to eat certain amounts," she added. "Sometimes we would be split up so the girls would sit on their own and the boys would sit on their own to eat food, but it was mainly for monitoring purposes."

3. Contestants aren't allowed to smoke on camera.

According to Closer, during the first few seasons of 'Love Island' the contestants were allowed to smoke while being on camera, often mingling in the smoking area which was a popular hotspot for conversation and gossip.


It wasn't until the show started receiving backlash, claiming they were glamorizing the habit, producers introduced strict rules that contestants had to smoke outside of the villa and off camera.

Contestants who wanted to smoke a cigarette had to ask producers and go out one at a time, where cameras weren't allowed to follow them or film.

4. The contestants aren't allowed to talk about their relationships while on their day off.

According to Grazie, 2017 'Love Island' winnter Kem Cetinay revealed that all of the Islanders usually have a day off on Saturday, and explained why.

"They give you one day off. You get one day off per week," he said, "What happens is, it gives them a day to clean the villa, and you take your mics off, and normally we go to the beach."


During their day off, Cetinay explained that the producers watch them like hawks because they are not allowed to discuss their relationships.

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5. The contestants are not allowed to have their real phones inside of the villa.

According to The Tab, Islanders are completely cut off from the outside world.

'Love Island' cast members have their real phones taken off them before going in to the villa, and are instead given different phones where they can only text other cast members and the producers.

Harley Brash, who appeared on the 2019 season, said, "We have an island chat where we can talk amongst the islanders and then Love Island can contact you so any big event in the villa you receive by text.”


There is also WiFi in the villa, but the cast members do not have access to it.

6. The contestants are required to wear their microphones at all times.

According to Closer, all cast members are required to keep their microphones on at all times since the producers want to capture every conversation that takes place on the show.

Dani Dyer, who appeared on the 2015 season, revealed that while many things on the show are real, there are some things that are changed.


In an interview with the Capital Breakfast Show, Dyer explained, "The only direction you have is just on your conversations, so that they space them out a little bit because you can't have like 10 conversations going on at once so they'll be like, 'just wait a little bit longer' or 'leave it 'til the morning.'"

7. Contestants are given a handbook full of rules before entering the villa.

Simon Searles, who appeared on the 2017 season, revealed to The Sun that all cast members are given a strict booklet of things to follow while on the show.

"They give you a bit of a handbook before and it's in regards to consent, nakedness, condoms, what's right and what's not," Searles said.

"You never really get a lot of drink but they do say if someone's had too much to drink do not have sex with them."


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