Man Learns Girlfriend Kept Large Inheritance A Secret While Making Him Pay More Rent

Did he have a right to know?

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A man is seeking advice from Reddit after learning his girlfriend was keeping the inheritance that was left to her by her grandfather a secret from him.

The amount of money that was left to her was enough to let her retire and never work another day in her life.

But, while not disclosing this information, it was her boyfriend who was paying for most of the costs in their relationship.

His girlfriend received the inheritance 7 years ago, and she kept it a secret from him the whole time. 

The boyfriend posted to Reddit's "r/AmItheA--hole" thread — a subreddit where you can vent about a troublesome situation you find yourself in.


You tell your story to the community, and they decide if "You're the a--hole" (YTA), "Not the a--hole" (NTA), or if "Everyone sucks here" (ESH).

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He begins his post by saying that he and his girlfriend, Terra, have been together for ten years and that they aren't married because she is against marriage.

They rent an apartment together, and as part of their arrangement, he is paying about 75% of the rent because he makes approximately 25% more than Terra.

They both have a shared account and the individual ones they use for spending on things they want. 


One night, he went to dinner with Terra's family to celebrate her mother's birthday.

"She bought her a fancy purse. Her sister made a comment about how expensive it was. I asked how she could afford that (it was more expensive than 5 months of rent), and she told me she saved money," he said in his post. 

Terra's sister laughed at her comment and said that the money came straight out of their grandfather's inheritance she got. 

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This shocked the man because it was the first time he had heard about this, and he asked about it later that night. 


"She told me about the money she got seven years ago," he wrote. "It is enough that if she wanted, she wouldn't have to work again. Terra told me she dips into it when she goes on vacations and other fun stuff."

The revelation of all this money she was sitting on made him upset. 

After hearing about this, the man became upset, saying that he pays for most of the vacation expenses and pays more in rent too.

He explained that Terra lost her job a few years prior, and he ended up working overtime to pay for everything for several months. 

"She had money, and not once did she help out. Or at least make it, so we were paying the same amount," he wrote.


Terra said it was not his money and ended up leaving the apartment.

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He called his sister, told her the story, and said that Terra was a jerk.

Terra eventually found the Reddit post and threatened not to return unless he took it down, which he refused.

Comments have decided the man is NTA. 

Everyone has decided that the original poster is NTA because she lied for seven years and "was reaping the benefits." 

One commenter said, "To me, the lying is why she's TA; it's not wrong to pay more if you make more, and she's also not obligated to share with you, but you have to be honest about finances with your partner." 


Others have commented, saying they have been in a similar situation but communicated to one another their finances. Many are calling out his girlfriend for keeping this secret when she should've communicated that she acquired this inheritance. 

Many others think it's selfish for his girlfriend to not help with any expenses and have him work overtime and be unable to save up to afford something he would like.


All have expressed their disdain because the original poster was overworking when his girlfriend had the expenses to help out but chose not to. 

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