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Mom Divides Opinions After Deciding To Give Son’s Inheritance To Wife & Child Who He Abandoned

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A woman and her husband told a story online about their son and their daughter-in-law’s relationship — how he mistreated her and left her with a newborn baby all by herself.

As a result, his parents decided that they would cut him out of their will without telling him since he was treated her so poorly and was undeserving of any inheritance.

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Instead, they decided that whatever they were going to give their son, they would instead give to their daughter-in-law and her newborn child — but then he found out.

Their daughter told him that he was taken out of the will and now the whole family has turned against them.

“My son (24) mistreated and eventually cheated on his now ex-wife while she was 3 months post-partum,” wrote the mother in a Reddit post. “He is leaving town to go be with the other woman and seemingly has no regrets.”

She wrote this post on the subreddit, “r/TrueOffMyChest,” hoping to maybe get some relief from sharing the story with strangers on the internet.

After hearing about his getting taken off the will, he flipped out and made a huge family scene.

She said he’s “going on a campaign to guilt and shame me and my husband for the decision we've made. Sadly, many family members are taking his side and calling my daughter-in-law now ‘an outsider’ or ‘not family’ saying we're making a mistake that will cost us our son.”

However, blood ties can only go so far for everyone, and for his parents, the mistreatment and abandonment of a woman that their son was involved with happened to cross the line.

It’s likely that — aside from normal human decency — they feel some sort of guilt that it was their own son who treated their daughter-in-law that way and forced her into this situation.

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“She is aware of the negativity around her, but she has nowhere else to go. My husband and I took her and the baby in for now,” she concluded.

“We are getting heat and criticism and it's bothersome and exhausting, but we're standing our ground because we feel like it's only fair to make sure our grandbaby and his mother get a stable life after what my son did to them.”

Fortunately, it seems like these internet strangers share the compassion that the poster’s family members do not.

“I'm proud of you for putting an innocent baby and its mother first in this instead of doing the ‘my son can do no wrong’ bs,” wrote one of the top comments.

“Your money belongs to you and you can do as you please with it, it doesn't belong to your son. Your son decided to be a bad father and abandon your grandbaby. You decided to help and I think that's wonderful. Your son is an adult and can make his own way in the world.”

The circumstances are unfortunate for the parents who decided to take him out of the will, but it was ultimately the son’s choice to be a bad father and person.

“Your son is mad that he won’t get part of the will Bc he’s your son but isn’t registering that he isn’t taking care of HIS child,” said another top comment.

“This is also a lot of life mess to be going through at 24 sheesh. But honestly who cares he has a child now time to grow up.”

In the comments, they point out that their son had been struggling with depression around the time of his ex-wife’s pregnancy, but that’s no reason to treat someone so poorly, have an affair, and abandon them and their child after the fact.

Not only that, but when they tried to get him the help that he needed, he refused and pushed back against them.

They also said that judging by the way he was acting, there was no way he would come around — so he remains out of the will and out of their lives until he decides to grow up and be a better person.

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