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Woman Unsure How To React After Estranged Father Demands She Share Grandmother’s Inheritance With Him

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A woman has posted to the subreddit 'AITA' (Am I The A**Hole) asking for advice on if she's in the wrong or not for refusing to share her grandmother's inheritance with her estranged father.

The woman started her story by explaining that when she was 13 years old, her mother found out that her father had been having an affair, and the woman he had been having an affair with had gotten pregnant.

After it had come out, the woman's father had admitted to being in love with the other woman and wanted to leave her mother.

"She was obviously heartbroken and didn't know what to do," the woman wrote in her Reddit post. "We had moved to a new state with my father for work so she had no family around."

The woman continued, saying her father and dropped her and her mother "like a bad habit" after wanting to be with the woman he'd had an affair with. Ultimately his new family became "his priority."

"Tough to understand for a 13-year-old, but whatever. If he didn’t want me, I wasn’t going to need him so my mother and I moved on," the woman said.

The only way that the woman and her mother were able to move on was from the help of the woman's grandmother, her father's mother. According to the woman's Reddit post, the grandmother had always loved her and her mother, and was appalled at what her son had done to them.

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Her father had stopped seeing his mother too, and over the years the grandmother became close to the woman and her mother. They would see each other for special occasions and holidays, while the woman's dad didn't show up.

The grandmother even helped out the woman's mother when it came to money during the times they desperately needed it.

"Unfortunately the years caught up with her and she developed colon cancer. Advanced late stage. Her decline was rapid. Within a few months she was in hospice," the woman recalled.

Days before the woman's grandmother passed away, she asked her granddaughter to call her son to come and see her before she was gone.

"He’d only been to see her a couple times since she had gotten sick. When he came by, I was visiting as we did every few days and he acted like I was some random person."

The grandmother had asked him to come back the next day, but he told her he'd be back in a few days. She ended up passing away four days later without coming back to see her, despite his daughter calling and texting for him to come.

"She went peacefully with me and my mom by her side. That was hard. I miss her every day. She was my guardian angel most of my life and I know she continues to watch over me."

After the funeral, which the woman's dad showed up for, but "made a big scene and made it about himself," they were all contacted by the grandmother's lawyer.

Unknown to everyone, the grandmother had left her granddaughter a house and $200,000 in her will.

The woman had no idea that her grandmother had done that, and there had also been a letter written to the woman that said, "You are worth it. Love Grandma."

In her will, the grandmother also left her son exactly $1 of her inheritance.

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"When he found out, he went ballistic. Blowing up my phone all the time. Demanding I give him 'his house and his money.'"

Her father's new wife and his son were also messaging the woman, along with the son writing on social media that she had "manipulated" her grandmother.

The woman's father ended up apologizing, saying that he had been under a lot of stress because he's in debt and was hoping the money left by his mother would help pay for some of his bills and send his son to college.

"That made me feel bad. Like maybe I should give him something," the woman explained. "I’ve thought about it a lot and I don’t think I’m going to share anything with him and I kind of think that makes me an a**hole because it seems like they really do need it. But on the other hand f*ck him."

Most people under the Reddit post were quick to deem the woman NTA (Not The A**Hole).

"The reason she left him $1 was to make it clear to the Court in case he tried to challenge the will, that she hadn’t forgotten to include him, but that she intended to disinherit him," one user commented.

"She knew that her son would try to take the money she left you. It is very common practice to leave $1 when disinheriting someone."

Another user commented, "[Your] grandma left very clear wishes. not your fault dad screwed up big time with her/you/your whole family. Listen to your grandma — you’re worth it. Don’t let him and his family manipulate you."

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