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Man Asks If He’s Wrong For Trying To Sell Expensive Item To Friend After Accidentally Receiving Two In The Mail

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What would you do if you were sent two gifts for the price of one — especially if it was an expensive air fryer or maybe a new luxury puffer jacket?

One Reddit user was faced with exactly that decision.

Detailing his story on the subreddit "r/AmItheA--hole" (AITA), the man explained that he received two identical items from Amazon despite only ordering one.

After reaching out to the company, he was ecstatic when they told him to "just keep the other one.”

Excited about being able to make the money back on something he’d originally bought, he says, “We were going to sell it on Facebook Marketplace for $120 because it’s usually $160 on Amazon.”

With a brand new, unopened item to sell — he was sure that somebody would be quick to scoop up their gift.

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His plan to sell the item backfired when he found a friendship in jeopardy after asking his friend if he'd like to buy it.

Amped up on the company’s mistake, he and his fiance decided to do something fun and invited friends over for dinner.

With a night full of fun ahead, he placed the two items on the shelf and started preparing their food.

After a fun evening of wining and dining, the couple’s friends decided to head out — but not before noticing the two duplicate items sitting on the shelf. 

“I asked them if they’d like to buy our brand new unopened item because we had two,” he said.

Seemingly more excited than he’d be to spend $120, the friend enthusiastically said, “That’s really nice of you to be giving us this!” 

A fun night turned into an awkward one, the man began to backtrack as he realized his friend thought they were “giving it to him for free.”

“It started getting really awkward as I explained that I had asked if they wanted to buy it,” he tried to explain, not to just be "gifted it for free."

His friend was shocked that he would try to sell an item he received for free.

As his face dropped in disappointment, the friend immediately echoed his distaste for the man’s attempt to sell him something that he had received for free.

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His friend thought it was deceiving to try to ‘profit off your friends’ with a gift that was free.

“You got it for free. Why are you trying to sell it to us,” the friend said, “That’s not right.”

Feeling strangely targeted, the man was surprised at how quickly his friend turned upset when he realized he was not getting a free gift.

After all, it was still his, even though he received it for free and by mistake.

“Friends don’t try to profit off of their friends,” the friend finally said before saying their goodbyes and leaving.

After they left, the man said he was quick to brush off the surprising argument, saying, “I didn’t think anything of it at first, as I was originally trying to sell it.

“I wasn’t thinking,” the man said reflecting on their interaction, “I just thought that maybe my friends would want that deal.”

Truthfully, the man thought he was being a good friend to offer the discounted item to his friends before he put it on the Facebook marketplace — and his fiance seemed to agree, but he thinks that “could be biased.”

“I feel stupid and rude — maybe I shouldn’t have asked at all,” he said, “I want to add that they’re not the type to try to get things for free, it’s completely just principle for them.” 

Attempting to get an escape from his humiliation, he avidly takes to Reddit’s viewers to ask — “Am I the A–-hole?”

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Comments believe the man was justified for not just ‘giving away’ the expensive free gift — even to a friend. 

“If it’s $160 and they get offered it for $120, how is that a rip-off,” one commenter questioned, “If they don’t want the deal, they are free to say 'no' and buy it on Amazon for the $160.” 

Another commenter says their friend had a similar situation, “A friend won an Apple laptop last week at a Christmas event. So, should he just gift it to someone? He’s selling it for 75% of the price, which is a great deal — to friends included.”

A third agrees that this man is not the a–-hole, but much more succinctly says, “He gave his friends first dibs.”

However, some people claimed that he was the a--hole for trying to profit off his friends.

"They're absolutely right," another user wrote.

"Selling it on Facebook for some extra cash is one thing, but trying to sell it to your friends because you thought they'd 'want the deal' is gross. It's not a deal, it sounds more like a ripoff."

Whatever the case, there was a lot of debate surrounding the subject, with people on both sides arguing that the man did the right thing or something wrong.

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