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Mom Takes Out Daughter's Braids Because Her Ex's New Wife Did Them — Now He's Fundraising To Get Custody

Photo: Kirk Stone/Facebook
Kirk Stone, his daughter and wife

When relationships end, people can become hurt and bitter, especially when there are children involved. One person moving on and finding someone new to love can add insult to injury.

A man named Kirk Stone recently took to Facebook to express his frustration with his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his daughter. The incident started when the girl’s mom dropped her off at his house the day before Thanksgiving.

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In the pictures he posted, the child’s hair is in an obvious state of disarray, with about six cornrows braided back. The hairstyle appears to be old as the braid appears fuzzy and the parts between them are barely visible.

The man posted a few videos that showed the state of his daughter’s hair when she arrived. In those videos, dandruff can be seen throughout the girl’s braids, an indication that her hair and scalp may not be receiving the proper attention.

The concerned father had his wife redo the child's hair — but his daughter's mom was horrified.

Kirk says that because his daughter didn’t look presentable, “I had my wife do something quick and clean to my baby’s head b4 I dropped her off.” That’s when all the drama started.

Kirk's wife had spent hours restoring the child’s hair by washing it, moisturizing it, and braiding her soft coils into an updo, complete with white beads dangling from the ends of the braids.

According to the distressed father, the girl’s mother, identified as Amari Jones in the text messages he posted, sent a message stating, “So, you let your girlfriend tough my daughter’s hair? For no reason, huh? Wasted her time… taking it down!”

From there, Amari sent video after video showing her progress as she took down the new hairstyle, one braid at a time. The man explained his reason for sharing the situation saying, “I usually don’t do this but, I wanted to show a small example of the bitterness and ignorance, hurting my baby to try and hurt me…SAD.”

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Most people were shocked by the mother’s behavior with one woman commenting, “Keep protecting your child sir!! I HAVE NEVER had an issue as long the girl could do her hair…. I would tell him to tell her 'thank you' for looking out! That baby head needed to be scrubbed and you did [it] correctly.”

But not everyone believed that the dad and his new wife’s behavior is on the up and up. Another lady posted, “Sooo you leave her hair dirty the whole time she was with you, but once it's time to go home you wash and braid it up like the wife was doing better that was the message to the BM (baby’s mom)."

“Seems like y'all being petty back and forward. Some hair chemicals cause dandruff which looks like it in this case.”

She might be right. The fact that the man felt the need to record the condition of his daughter’s hair hints at ongoing problems between the former couple.

The video has been shared over 11,000 times, with Facebook users chiming in on one side or the other. Some thought the child’s mother was wrong, while others thought Kirk and his wife were trying to shame his ex or looking for attention on social media.

The debates became so heated that the man added a follow-up post explaining that he was not looking to benefit from sharing his story. He claims he just wanted to raise awareness on the struggles of trying to co-parent with a bitter woman.

Still, just today, Kirk created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the custody battle he is currently embroiled in over the three-year-old girl. The goal is to raise $5,000 and in the hour since the campaign went live, no one has donated. His child’s mother has yet to comment on the situation.

The general consensus from commenters is that they hope the family is able to find a healthy resolution that is best for the little girl involved. Being caught in the middle of a custody battle can be traumatic. Hopefully, everyone gets the help they need.

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