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After Years Of Silence, A Man Reached Out To His Half-Sister Asking For Donations For His Wedding

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After not hearing from her half-brother in years, a woman was surprised one day when she received a text message from him. However, he was not reaching out to check in on her or reconcile their relationship. Instead, he was asking her to consider donating him money. 

The woman was surprised when her brother reached out over Instagram for the first time in years. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed nearly 300,000 times, a woman named Alyssa shared a screenshot of an Instagram message that she received from her “dusty” half-brother, whom she has not spoken to in years. 

“Hola sis,” the message begins. “Surprise! You’re invited to celebrate our union as husband and wife.” It is indeed a surprise for Alyssa. 

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Photo: @alyssa.seremet / TikTok

Her half-brother provides the RSVP date and a link to the website with all their wedding details posted, but perhaps the most surprising aspect of the out-of-the-blue message is what Alyssa’s half-brother asks her to consider.

“We are accepting donations to our cash fund registry also included in the site. Can’t wait to see you there,” his message reads. 

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Alyssa appears just as flabbergasted as viewers by her half-brother’s sudden message asking for wedding funds. “When your dusty half-brother reaches out for the first time in years to raise money for his WEDDING,” she captioned the video, where she lip-syncs audio of someone else saying, "What happened to hello? How are you? My name is..." 

“I’m sorry to say not only do I have a half-brother… but he too… is a DUSTY,” she captions the video, implying that he is an inconsiderate individual. 

TikTok users slammed Alyssa’s half-brother for his audacity to reach out to her for the first time in years just to ask for money. 

“The audacity of throwing a party without funds. BUT how will he provide if he can’t fund a wedding?” one user commented. “That's so wild, why throw a wedding when he can't afford it?” another user noted. 

In the comments section, Alyssa shared that the wedding was a BBQ in a park, which had even more people raising their eyebrows. 

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Other users offered suggestions as to how Alyssa should reply if she decided to. 

“I’d tell him that it’s my birthday so I can't go. He wouldn't know the difference anyways,” one user wrote. “I’d reply with, ‘Who is this?’” another user recommended. 

Others advised Alyssa to ignore her half-brother’s invitation and his request for donations to protect her own peace and well-being and believed it was not worth reconnecting their relationship if he only reached out for money. 

It is unclear as to why the estranged siblings lost contact in the first place. 

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