All The References Beyonce Makes To Jay-Z’s Cheating On New Album ‘RENAISSANCE’

Beyonce made sure to put some juice on "RENAISSANCE."

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As Beyonce releases her first solo project in six years, fans of the Queen Bee are already unpacking and analyzing “RENAISSANCE” — the singer's seventh studio album.

Beyonce, who is notoriously private in between album cycles, is known to spill it all on her albums. 

Her 2016 album "Lemonade" famously picked apart her husband's cheating scandal and if you thought Beyonce was ready to leave Jay-Z's transgressions in the past, think again.


Inlaid with dance beats and hard drums, “RENAISSANCE” does see Beyonce dredge up moments of her past and her attempts at forgiving her husband, Jay-Z, for his past infidelities.

Here are all the references Beyonce makes to Jay-Z on “RENAISSANCE.”

'Cozy' references Jay-Z and Solange's elevator fight.

Beyonce appears to shout out her sister for defending her during an infamous 2014 incident in which Solange attacked Jay-Z in an elevator after the Met Gala — she was allegedly provoked by Jay-Z's infidelity.

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"She’s a god, she’s a hero / She survived all she been through / Confident and she lethal / Might I suggest you don’t f—ck with my sis because she ­comfortable," Beyonce reminds listeners.

'Alien Superstar' proves Jay-Z will never find another Beyonce.

On track three, titled “ALIEN SUPERSTAR,” she boasts about her place in the world.


“I'm one of one, I'm number one, I'm the only one,” she sings. “Don't even waste your time trying to compete with me. No one else in this world can think like me. I'm twisted, contradicted, keep him addicted.”

She knows that the world stops to listen whenever she releases new music, and so she’s going to make sure you hang on every word she says.

'Plastic Off The Sofa' tackles the public perception of Beyonce and Jay-Z's relationship.

During track eight, “PLASTIC OFF THE SOFA,” off the 16-track album that spans just over an hour, she sings about the scrutiny that she and Jay-Z likely face daily.


“We don't need the world's acceptance. They're too hard on me, they're too hard on you, boy,” she sings.

A melancholy acceptance of what happened in the past — they did their time and likely spent years fixing their marriage.

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People are hard on Beyonce for choosing to stay with Jay-Z, and people are too hard on Jay for cheating in the first place.


“Boy, I know you can't help but to be yourself around me, yourself around me. And I know nobody's perfect so I'll let you be, I'll let you be,” she sings.

She accepts his imperfections and claims that it’s just a part of who he is — that he can’t help but be himself around her, which is why his faults surfaced.

“It's the way that you wear your emotions on both of your sleeves, 'til the face you make when I tell you that I had to leave,” she sings.

This could likely be a reference to how she discovered his infidelity.

She knew he had done something wrong when he was acting strange, and after her discovery, she said she needed to leave.


Jay-Z, however, wanted to fight for their marriage, and so he did and they made it work over the years.

Fortunately, Beyonce is confident that he won’t cheat again, or that even if he does, she recognizes her worth as a woman and as the Queen Bee herself.

'Summer Renaissance' discusses Beyonce's undying love for Jay-Z.

In typical Beyonce fashion, she wraps up her album with a reminder that, even after all that happened between them, the couple have mastered forgiveness and remain in love.


"I wanna house you and make you take my name, I'm gonna spouse you and make you tat your ring," she sings in the final track of the album.

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