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The Challenging Experience That Made Lindsay Lohan Want To Become A Mother — 'I Just Want To Save Them'

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Lindsay Lohan and her pregnancy announcement

Lindsay Lohan has had a long and infamously turbulent time in the spotlight beginning when she was just a child in "The Parent Trap" at age 12.

But in recent years, Lohan has been showing her softer side and it seems that tumultuous era may have finally officially drawn to a close as Lohan, 36, settles into marriage, a newly revitalized career, and now, her most important role of all—mother.

Lohan revealed in 2018 that charity work had gotten her thinking about becoming a mother one day, an aspiration that seems to have turned from dream to reality in recent months.

Lindsay Lohan's charity work made her want to be a mother.

The actress has announced that she is pregnant and expecting a baby later this year with her husband Bader Shammas. Lohan hasn't given many details about her pregnancy, but she seems absolutely over the moon about the news. 

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Lohan's Instagram announcement of her pregnancy inspired elated responses from celebrity friends like Paris Hilton, Quinta Brunson and Bella Thorne.

Lohan's Instagram post announcing that she is expecting went instantly viral as fans and friends were overjoyed by the news of Lohan's new chapter as a mom.

Comments on the post immediately filled with well-wishers, including of course her infamous "momager" Dina Lohan, "Real Housewives" Kyle Richards and Sonja Morgan, and Lohan's former frenemy Paris Hilton, with whom she had an infamous feud in the 2000s.

Hilton and Lohan have since reconnected, and she offered Lohan a word of motherly advice during an interview with Access Hollywood—"Soak in every moment. It’s just so precious.”

Truly, the goodwill towards Lohan was enough to warm even the coldest heart.

Amanda Seyfriend and Lacey Chabert, Lohan's costars from one of her signature films, the 2004 Tina Fey-penned comedy "Mean Girls," expressed their congratulations as well, and charity Save the Children got in on the "Mean Girls" theme with an iconic quote posted in Lohan's Instagram comments—"Exactly how excited are we for you? The limit does not exist," the children's charity wrote.



The children's charity, with whom Lohan has worked extensively in the past, was perhaps the most fitting congrats of all.

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Lindsay Lohan said in 2018 that her charity work with refugee children made her want to become a mother.

In a 2018 interview with the UK's Evening Standard, spoke about her intentions to adopt a child in the coming years after working with refugees from the Syrian civil war in Turkey.

Lohan stipulated that she was not ready yet to be a mom at the time—she was newly single after just having called off her engagement to Russian billionaire Egor Tarabasov. But she said her work with refugee children had made motherhood a top priority for her future.

"I'll adopt my first child. I've spent time with Syrian refugees in Turkey, and it made me realize how much I love kids," she told the newspaper, going on to say, "I just want to save them."

Lohan began working with Syrian civil war refugees in 2016, visiting children in the ravaged city of Aleppo and traveling to refugee camps in neighboring Turkey. She also developed an interest in Islam, and her outspoken defenses of the Muslim community led to speculation she may even have converted. 

Her new life was a far cry from her often volatile "party girl" image in the 2000s. But in 2018 even her work with refugees took a notorious turn into messiness when she live-streamed to Instagram a seemingly drunken altercation with a Syrian refugee couple that escalated to Lohan accusing them of child trafficking and attempting to take their children from them.

As seen below, the incident resulted in a physical confrontation.

Lohan later addressed the uproar with a statement to Paper Magazine in which admitted she "read the situation wrong."

More recently, Lohan has been using her platform to fundraise for victims of the twin earthquakes that ravaged Turkey in February 2023.

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Lindsay Lohan began dating her husband Bader Shammas in 2020, and the couple married in 2021.

Lohan's more recent life has seen her leaving her volatile past behind and settling into what seems like a blissful domestic life in Dubai, where she relocated in 2014, with her husband, financier Bader Shammas.

Lohan and Shammas were confirmed to be dating in 2020 after they were spotted at a music festival together in Dubai. They announced their engagement in November 2021.

Lohan announced her marriage to Shammas on Instagram in July of 2022, calling herself "the luckiest woman in the world. Not because I need a man, but because he found me and knew that I wanted to find happiness and grace, all at the same time."

And now, it seems the couple have found a whole new level of happiness with their upcoming baby. Quite a transition for a woman who has had her share of troubles in the past.

It seems the former child star has finally found her real-life happy ending.

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