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Lindsay Lohan Surprises Fan And Gives Empowering Pep Talk To Help Her Come Out To Her Parents

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Lindsay Lohan

On January 21, a 20 year old named Alana told her TikTok audience that she was requesting a cameo from Lindsay Lohan

Nervous to tell her parents about her bisexuality, Alana hoped Lohan would be able to break the news to them instead. 

The Cameo app allows fans to connect with celebrities and pay them to record personalized videos.

These clips usually just repeat the lines requested, but Lohan’s went a little off-script.

In a follow-up post on Monday, Alana shared the star’s response, telling viewers that it was “not what I expected at all.”

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In the Cameo, shot in bright lighting before white walls, Lohan greeted the young fan.

“I know that you are about to take a very big step in telling your parents who you truly are and what you want them to accept of you,” she said. 

“And I think you should do it yourself.”

Although Lohan refused to complete the request, when she explained her reasoning, it was actually the sweetest.

“I think that coming from you, you'll feel a lot of power and strength and it's important that you are who you truly are and that you love yourself,” Lohan said.

The actress also reassured Alana about her parents’ reaction, vowing, “I promise you they will understand.”

“I am sending you lots of love, all the love in the world and strength and support,” Lohan continued, smiling at the camera with genuine pride. “Stay true to yourself, you are truly beautiful.” 

She signed off with a kiss to the camera.

The video currently has over 500 thousand views and almost 150 thousand likes at the time this article was published.

TikTok and other social media apps have been assisting users in coming out for a while. 

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The social media platforms provide creative ways for users to announce their sexuality. Multiple trends have emerged, including one that uses lyrics from Jason Derulo’s “Get Ugly” as a framework for the reveal.

TikTok also allows LQBTQ+ youths access to an accepting community, and companions to congratulate or commiserate with them, depending on the response received. 

Alana’s TikTok overflowed with supportive comments.

Other users of the app praised Lindsay’s kindness and wished Alana luck as well.

“This is so genuinely kind,” one user remarked. 

“She didn’t have to do that,” another pointed out. “But she did.”

“Very proud of both of you!” gushed a third.

In an update later the same day, Alana reacted to mainstream media reports on her post. 

The TikTok creator informed viewers that she was shocked to learn that her story had been featured in an E! News article while in class. 

Afraid her parents would see the online buzz, Alana finally came out to them.

“They took it well,” she announced, looking shaken but smiling. “I’m feeling really relieved.”

The young woman thanked viewers for their kindness and support, and signed off with similar words to Lindsay’s: “lots of love.”

Several commenters have joked to Alana about getting a refund for Lohan’s surprising message, but the recipient herself is far from disappointed.

“What she sent was honestly better than what I asked for,” she replied.

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