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Who Is Lindsay Lohan's New Boyfriend, Bader Shammas? Singer Seems To Confirm New Romance On Instagram

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Who Is Lindsay Lohan's New Boyfriend, Bader Shammas? Singer Seems To Confirm New Romance On Instagram

Lately, Lindsay Lohan hasn't been much for sharing what's going on in her romantic life, but could all of that be changing very soon? 

After she mentioned she's dating someone on Instagram, fans are curious who it could be — especially since she seems to want to keep an air of mystery around the situation.

So who is Lindsay Lohan's new boyfriend, Bader? Here's everything we know so far ... even though it isn't much. At least, not yet.

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1. The relationship rumors started when Lohan shared this photo from a group outing. 


A post shared by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on Feb 6, 2020 at 11:06pm PST

On Thursday, Lohan shared this group photo on Instagram, where she and her sister, Ali Lohan, posed with members from the band Bastille. Although her caption is now just a smiley face emoji, originally, Lohan had written, "lovely night with sister and my boyfriend bader. such a magical night." But that caption didn't last too long, since Lohan deleted it soon after — and when her followers pressed her about it further in the comments, she didn't answer their questions. 

2. So who is Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend? Fans are speculating it's the man standing next to her in the photo in the black jacket.

Lohan offered up no details about her new boo, just that his name is Bader. But according to fans who commented on the post, it seems that the man standing to her left in the black jacket is the guy she was talking about — which would make sense, since they're standing so close and he's supposed to be her boyfriend and all. Unfortunately, that's where the information ends ... leaving everything else up to speculation. 

3. The man in question might be Bader Shammas.

Lohan is only following one person named Bader on Instagram — a man named Bader Shammas. His profile photo doesn't show muc, and unfortunately, his Instagram account is private, so it's hard to glean who he might be or what his relationship with Lohan is like just from that. Being that Lohan is currently in Dubai, it seems that Shammas lives in Dubai himself, according to his LinkedIn profile — and he works as an assistant vice president at an international wealth management company. 

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4. Recently, Lohan cleaned up her Instagram account. 


A post shared by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on Jan 22, 2020 at 4:10pm PST

Whatever's going on with Lohan these days, she seems to want a clean slate. Right now, her Instagram account only features 22 posts, with almost all of them being professionally-taken photos rather than personal ones. This could mean a new era of Lohan's career or personal life (or both) are on the way, which is interesting to think about since she apparently now is in a new relationship.

5. Not too long ago, Lohan was called out for flirting with Liam Hemsworth.

Last month, Lohan made headlines when she was seen making comments on Liam's Instagram, but she cleared everything up in an interview, claiming that they just have a lot in common.

"[Liam] surfs a lot and I work with the WOW Foundation, for Waves of Wellness in Australia," she said. "So that's a very important thing for us. And so I'm working with them a lot and bringing people with energy together and he surfs and then people took that the wrong way. We always have gossip in our life, you know that."

6. Lohan hasn't mentioned her boyfriend again since. 

Looks like she may be having a little remorse for introducing her BF on social media, because Lohan hasn't mentioned him since. Hopefully, she'll update fans on what's going on in her love life soon but until then, it looks like she's trying to keep people in the dark.

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